September 11 Essay Examples

September 11, 2001

On September 11, 2001 before 9:58am Eastern Central Time, the world changed forever. It is not overly dramatic to state this. America and the West is now faced with a new and highly dangerous enemy who hijacked planes and a religion in order to spread their blurred message of a new Islam in which all… View Article

9/11 Security Easures

1.What impact did the events of 9/11 have on your sense of security/vulnerability? The events of September 11th brought a harsh reality to light. I remember sitting home thinking this wasn’t real and when I finally did catch on and see this was really happening I was overcome with fear. I wasn’t sure if we… View Article

September 11 Attacks and World Trade Center

Watching the movie 102 minutes for the second time opened my eyes to the tragedy of 9/11 more than it did the first time. Being only six years old at the time of the incident, I didn’t truly understand the magnitude of the disaster until years later. The quality of the movie made it very… View Article

The Aftermath of September 11, 2001

At 8:46 AM, American Airlines Flight 11 slams into the North Tower of the World Trade Center on the morning of September 11, 2001. At 9:03 AM, United Airlines Flight 175 hits the South Tower. The South Tower fell at 9:59 AM.  Twenty-nine minutes later, the North Tower collapsed. At 5:20 PM, Building Seven of… View Article

Rhetorical Analysis of 102 Minutes

Excerpt: “The towers stood like huge sails at the foot of Manhattan Island, with each face built to absorb a hurricane of 140 miles per hour. The wind load on an ordinary day was thirty times greater than the force of the airplane that would hit it on September 11. The mass of the tower… View Article