Selling Essay Examples

Selling a product

The slogan is all part of the brand package for the meddeteranian cruise advert, and it combines with the images created with the use of the swan and Helen of Troy: ‘Discoveries of a Lifetime’; the elegent tone and formal vocabulary used combine with the images of the swan and Helen; there is dignity in… View Article

Selling Crisps: Reformulating Public Opinion

A recent survey demonstrated that over 50% of integrated delivery systems lost an average of $50,000 dollars per physician (Porn 2001). Healthcare organizations in the 1990’s began to develop new methods of healthcare delivery to enrollees under a managed care system (Porn 2001). A few years after development these new delivery methods began to lose… View Article

Personal Selling

Personal Selling is the mouth or oral presentations made by the individual salesperson. In this case a conversation with one or more prospective buyers who intended to create sales. Here is the definition of selling face to face (personal selling) put forward by the experts. Kotler (2003:564) The Personal Selling Process The personal selling process… View Article

Personal Relationship Selling

Successful firms are dismissing the hard-sell, short-term orientation of personal selling in favor of a customer-oriented, long-term selling model referred to as relationship selling. A lot of businesses can establish distinctive positions in the marketplace for themselves, their goods, as well as their services. This capability is a potent strength in marketing. Indeed, an effective… View Article

Case Writeups : Sealed Air Corporation

1) What has been happening in this market? How has Sealed Air (SA) been doing? To what do you attribute SA’s success? Sealed Air had achieved 25% annual growth in net sales and net earnings from 1971 to 1980. The company has been keeping a technical leadership position in the market. During 10 years, the… View Article

Case Study Datavast Inc.

Executive Summary Winston Hao, the owner of Datavast Inc., is operating at a loss and needs to find out a way to be profitable this year. Datavast Inc. sells Data Security Boxes to big and small companies in China who are new to the concept of cloud storage. Winston Hao needs to dial in his… View Article

Outdoor Sporting Products Inc.

Executive Summary Outdoor Sporting Products Inc. has a number of issues regarding its product management, marketing channels, marketing campaigns, pricing, sales force, technology, and its customer service lately. Profits are down and sales have declined over the last year. Mr. Hudson McDonald is the owner and Chief Financial Officer of the Outdoor Products and sees… View Article

Pyramid Door Formal Case Final Draft

As a privately owned regional manufacturer of residential and commercial steel garage doors, Pyramid Doors has managed to grow a distribution network in the Western and Southwestern United States of 350 distributors broken up into 300 non-exclusive dealers and 50 exclusive dealers. This strategy has allowed Pyramid Door to capture a market share of 2.6%… View Article

Main characteristics of a marketing orientated organization

Marketing-oriented organization is defined to have characteristics as having FOCUS ON CUSTOMERS and the customers are regarded as top of organization chart. Continuous analysis of the marketplace helps them to adapt, promote, and differentiate their products and service to meet customers’ needs (Enterprise automation group, accessed 2009). Through satisfying customers, these organizations can get PROFITS…. View Article

Sales force automation

Introduction. Sales Force Automation is a technique of using software to automate the business tasks of sales, including order processing, contact management, information sharing, inventory monitoring and control, order tracking, customer management, sales forecast analysis and employee performance evaluation(Thomas, M.S & Michael, S.M 1996). This revolution that is sweeping through society is changing the nature… View Article

On Time Package Delivery

The report should discuss in detail the solutions to the several issues that are being faced by OTPD. Based on the conversations Wayne had with Dan Gunther (District manager-Boston), Carol Klein (Key account manager-Phil), Mike Wagner (Sales representative -DC) and Carmella Stringer (Director of Admin services- Strawn, Night and Squires), one of the few major… View Article

Changes in the Marketing Environment

In recent times, from an economic environment perspective, people are getting more affluent, even in third world countries like Vietnam, the younger generation are more interested in spending on the latest fashion and gadgets, like iPods. Phone marketers might want to include phone designs which allow for self-expression, hence catering to the younger people seeking… View Article

Cutco Case Write-up

What is direct selling?Direct selling is the face-to-face selling away from a business location. It is technically a form of non-store retailing. The manufacturer sells directly to the consumer or business customer as does Dell, Inc.Direct sellers are not employees of the company. They are independent contractors who market and sellthe products or services of… View Article

”The Hunger Game” by Suzanne Collins

The novel The Hunger Games written by Suzanne Collins. This novel talks about 12 districts that are controlled by the Capitol and the Capitol created The Hunger Games to remind people of the districts about dark day. In the novel, the most prevalent tones are sadness and anger. The Capitol provides 12 districts a dark… View Article

A Newsletter About Solutions and Creating Exceptional Value

High Impact Projects A Newsletter About Solutions and Creating Exceptional Value Software Company Narrows Focus from 1 Million Prospects to 40 – Closes 30 Sales in First Year! After 3 Years of Revenues Less than $2 Million, Sales Soar to $75 Million in 4 Years! Systems Produce Paybacks for Clients of more than 10-to-1 Stopped… View Article