Scrooge Essay Examples

The joyous occasion of Christmas

Charles Dickens was the most popular novelist of the Victorian Era, and one of the most popular of all time. With his work appearing in periodicals and magazines in a serialised form growing evermore popular, Dickens soon published his first Novel in 1836 that would inevitably lead him to his future as a famous and… View Article

A frosty rime

Early in the book the reader is encouraged to take a negative view of Scrooge through the following type of descriptions “And even Scrooge was not so dreadfully cut up by the sad event, but he was an excellent man of business on the day of the funeral”, this quotation shows that Scrooge is so… View Article

A Christmas Carol

His room has undergone a transformation which is symbolic of Scrooge’s attitude changing dramatically towards goodness. Dickens uses colour to explore the detail in the room. ‘The walls and ceiling were so hung with living green, that it looked a perfect grove; from every part of which, bright gleaming berries glistened. The crisp leaves of… View Article

The first description of Scrooge emphasises

In his visit from Marley, Scrooge is told that he has a ‘chance and hope’ of escaping the same terrible fate that he himself has suffered. Marley is covered in chains which represent his greed during his time on earth and he explains to Scrooge that ‘charity, mercy, forbearance and benevolence’ should have been and… View Article

A Christmas Carol

By the time the first spirit is introduced, Scrooge has become a new man, he is more polite and approachable, ‘Are you the spirit, sir, whose coming was foretold to me? ’ We can tell that Scrooge is now calmer and gentler, differing from the once rude behaviour he had, we can tell this from… View Article

Christmas past

Ebenezer Scrooge is a tightfisted miser who has only one purpose in life, to extort as much money and profit he can from anything and everything. As with all things, too much of one thing is bad for you; Scrooge’s miserly ways are catching up with him. His cheap ways have not brought him any… View Article

Dickens and a Christmas Carol

Here Scrooge is taken by a spirit to see himself, as a child, in his school. It is Christmas time and Scrooge was left in school instead of being with his family and friends, this shows spiritual poverty, whereby Scrooge is deprived of his family at Christmastime and therefore deprived of their love and kindness…. View Article