Science Essay Examples

Summarise and Describe the changes to Wellums Creek over the past 50

The most dynamic environment within coastal regions would probably be the near-shore zone. Various weather events occurring within this zone can cause a beach to be erosive or accretive. Monitoring these changes has been the subject of interest for many years with the hope of predicting future patterns of beach morphology (Ramasinghe et al., 2004)…. View Article

VoIP – Red, yellow or green light?

Abstract – This paper describes the fundamental functionalities of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and also provides an insight into the current issues that constrain VoIP from being universally utilized as a business telecommunications tool. VoIP transmits voice signals via a packet switched network rather than the traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN). Circuit switching… View Article

Validating Hess’s law

Is the enthalpy change for a given chemical change the same whether the reaction takes place in a single stage or via several stages, provided the initial and final conditions are the same. Introduction: Hess’s Law (1840) states that for a given chemical change the enthalpy change is the same whether the reaction takes place… View Article

Fractional Distillation of Crude Oil

Aim: To investigate the substances given off at different temperatures from crude oil (petroleum) mixture. Apparatus: * Fractional Distillation glassware and thermometer * Clamp stand x 2 * Conical flask * Supply of cold water * Rubber tubes x 2 * Test tube rack * Small glass test tubes x 5 * Rubber stopper x… View Article

Data Collection

* The Rough was excluded during the calculation of the mean as the rough was a trial to indicate the general whereabouts of the end point, which is inaccurate of the exact end point. Table 2. Observations collected during the experiment. Table contains observations which were recorded during each trial of the experiment. Trials Observations… View Article

Determining a substance by tritration

Aim: Using the procedures of a standard acid base titration lab, the goal of this experiment is identifying the amount of Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) that is presented in a calcium carbonate substance presented by our teacher. Hypothesis: Due to any unknown substance that we encounter in the chemistry room, we must take serious precaution, as… View Article

Testing Liquids for polarity

Results and Observations: Liquids Results Shape of molecule or Lewis Structure Conclusions Distilled Water 4 cm of deflection The water molecule is very polar. This is because the only oxygen in the molecule is left with 2 lone pairs which give as a result an enormous negative center. On the other hand, the two H… View Article

Heat of Combustion Lab

There are many fuels in the world and we use fuel everyday in our life. However some fuels are very useful and some are not. Usually useful fuel means the fuel that is very efficient in a small amount. To know the efficiency of each material, we measured the changes of mass and temperature when… View Article

Decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide Lab

In conclusion it was found that the activation energy of the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide with the help of the catalyst KI is . When compared to an actual value there was a percent difference of 43%. In fact the actual value that was used is the activation energy of hydrogen peroxide in the absence… View Article

Titration Lab

Method for Control of Variables 1. In order to control the titration of potassium permanganate, we used the pipette to make the titration constant. We also used the same amount of chemical solutions, with the same flasks, to make the titration as constant as possible. 2. To control the amount of redox in the experiment,… View Article

The Extraction of Aluminium

The metal aluminium is a very important to many of the worlds industries how ever it requires a special process called electrolysis to extract it form other metals which is commonly found with. As i mentioned aluminium is an extremely useful metal and has many uses which we depend on in our daily life’s which… View Article

Concocting Barium Sulfate

Introduction Barium Sulfate is a white substance, liquid or solid, with the chemical formula being BaSO4. Barium sulfate is a radiopaque agent, which is used in order to help x-rays be more visible due to the contrast between the barium sulfate and the x-rayed parts of the body. This substance is dangerous, but due to… View Article

Osmosis Triple Science

Introduction In this investigation I am investigating if varying the amount of sugar solution or distilled water determines the concentration of cell sap. I will do this by using different concentrations of sugar solution and distilled water. If the medium is hypotonic — a dilute solution, with a higher water concentration than the cell —… View Article

The Effect of Varied Amounts of Sodium Bicarbonate Paste on the Height

Aim To investigate the effect of varied amounts of sodium bicarbonate paste on the height that a vinegar and sodium bicarbonate rocket reaches after being launched. Introduction For full comprehension of the processes occurring in this experiment it is critical that the following topics are understood: Newton’s three laws of motion, how they are related… View Article

Rates of Reactions

Apparatus: 4 beakers (250 ml), 4 test tubes (18 mm x 150 mm), centigram balance, test tube rack, measuring cylinder (25 ml), marking pen, stop watch, thermometer, water and ice cubes, top pan balance, hot plate, power source, safety goggles, a lab coat, 3.0 molar hydrochloric acid and uniform size of marble chips. METHOD: 1…. View Article