School Essay Examples

Role of Teacher in the Education

There is one old saying that, “what you are today depends on what you have learned in past”. Your education has a very important role in your mental and physical development. So it is very crucial to have a proper education, i.e. learning in your life at proper time. An education is an informative process… View Article

Student Absenteeism Results to Dropping Out of School

I would like to caution all the parents out there. You may or may not know that your children are always absent from school. One of the rules I implement in my class regarding student absenteeism is that the parent or guardian should write an excuse letter to me explaining the reason for the child’s… View Article

Learning to Read and Write Summary

In “Learning to Read” an excerpt from his autobiography, Frederick Douglass writes about the steps he took to learn to read and write. He shows all the steps in this excerpt. He was a slave in a house; he didn’t have any opportunity to go to school or get any educations but the mistress in… View Article

Texas Lottery and Education Funding

Texans believe that participating in the Texas Lottery helps the Texas Education Foundation but little do they know; how much money actually goes to the Texas Education Foundation. The effect of the Texas Lottery is causing more of a negative impact on Texans than the Education Foundation is benefiting. The Texas Lottery negatively impacts the… View Article

The New Kid

Picture this: You are in a new school, and there are more than 1,200 people you don’t know. You’re scared; you have never met one single person in this building before. You don’t know if anyone is going to accept you. You feel as if every one of them is sizing you up and judging… View Article

Should we be teaching evolution in school?

Before I expand on this I will start by defining evolution, evolution as put by scholars and educators it is the changes in the gene pool causing changing characteristics of many organisms over a long period of time. But even with such definitions there is still a heated debate of whether or not teaching evolution… View Article

Homeschool vs Public School

The recent growth, popularity, and success of homeschool have left many parents wondering if public school is the right choice for their children. While public school is still the most trusted and convenient way for parents to have their children educated, many parents are starting to research and learn more about the option of homeschooling…. View Article

Reverend Henry Ward

Reverend Henry Ward is best known for changing the Jamaican school system. Up until Reverend Henry Ward got involved with the government to change it, the system was a flawed, failing system, with hundreds, if not thousands of children unable to get educated because of the lack of facilities. Although churches and infant centres tried… View Article

Does School Matter?

It is important that every person in every race, gender and social class be educated by going to school to become more successful in achieving higher goals, better jobs and personal fulfillment. By going to school and obtaining a good education, each individual will be able to seek out higher paying jobs for a better… View Article

Satire on School

Anything from A-Z that involves school is a bad habit that I have to deal with. I mean everything about school annoys me. That means teachers, rules, and parking, finding paper to write on. I was saying to my best school bud Jared, the following questions. Where we were hanging out by the food truck… View Article

Head Boy

Hey I’m David Smith and I’m running for 8th head boy. Everybody please stand up! Take one step to your right. Take one step to your left. Clap three times! Now sit down. My parents told me that if I could somehow “move the crowd” then I would win! So thank you for your cooperation…. View Article

Marketisation of Education

Marketisation is the policy of introducing market forces of supply and demand into education. When the Conservatives came in to power the felt Labour failed to create meritocracy and restructured the system. The 1988 Education Reform Act began the creation of an education market by encouraging competiotion between schools and choice of parents. Before the… View Article

Advanced Language Arts

Although teachers might disagree, having students eating in class will help students and teachers stay on task and not worry about lunch time. Staff should let us students eat during class because students will be more focused, awake, and excited to learn and participate in class. If student were able to eat during class then… View Article

The Theme & high school

Ambition: it is a person’s drive to achieve something. The entirety of the discussion in this essay may be zeroed in to just one word, Ambition. It is the lack of ambition that led Flick to settle to just being a gasman. It must be the reason why he did not get a scholarship for… View Article

High School District

The recent studies have shown that trend on school drop out is increasing every year. This is rampant drop out of young youths is becoming an alarming issues especially for students in their secondary schools and those enrolled in higher educations institutions. The rate of school drop out is varied between ethnic groups. For instance,… View Article