Scene Essay Examples

The last scene

The monster eventually gets up the courage to introduce himself to the old man (Mr Delacey). The old man is blind, so I think the monster thought that if he met the old man, the man would look below the skin and get to know the monster on who he is, not what he looks… View Article

Casts shadow

Lighting is used by Tim Burton to create certain gothic moods within the film such as fear. It is also used to create uncertainty with shadows. Burton uses blue lighting a lot to create the gothic moods and nature of each film. For example in Sleepy Hollow it is used in the windmill scene as… View Article

An interpretation of a scene from K.Brannagh’s

At the beginning of the scene when Elizabeth and Victor are talking, there is a massive contrast of colours through what they are wearing. Elizabeth is wearing a scarlet dress compared to Victors soiled white shirt. The red dress is there to symbolise love and also death. Elizabeth has a lot of love for Victor,… View Article

Bird scene

How does the hysteria created at the end of Act 3, ‘The Yellow Bird’ scene, reflect both the period in which the play is set and the period in which the play was written? The crucible was written in the 1950’s by Arthur Miller when there was great hysteria abut McCarthyism. McCarthyism is the making of… View Article

The Courtroom Scene

The Crucible was written at the peak of the McCarthism era in the mid 20th century. The play was written by Arthur Miller to show the similarities between The McCarthy Trials and the Salem Witch Trials. This links well to the Crucible. The play is about a group of girls who are caught in the woods… View Article

The courtroom scene of Act Three

How does Miller create tension and drama in the courtroom scene of Act Three? The crucible is about a mass hysteria which led to the 1692 Salem witchcraft trials. A group of young girls are caught dancing in the woods and are suspected to of been calling out to the devil. Strange things begin to happen… View Article

Closing scene of Act One

It is clear to the audience that Catherine wants to disagree with Eddie but feels she is not allowed too think different for herself. Beatrice will not let Catherine put up with Eddie treating her like a child anymore. She sits Catherine down to tell her that she needs to grow up and move away… View Article

Focus on a particular scene

This essay will focus on a particular scene in “A View From The Bridge” An argument and subsequent fight rises between Eddie Carbone and Rodolpho, an Italian illegal immigrant and nephew of Eddie’s wife, Beatrice. A View from the Bridge was written by Arthur Miller and is set in a slum in New York in… View Article

The scene emphasises the emotional trauma

The slow build up of tension throughout the scene emphasises the emotional trauma suffered by the victims of both Salem and McCarthy. One piece of evidence we can look at that backs up this point is Elizabeth’s ‘natural lie’ portrayed by the movie of The Crucible. This scene slowly builds up the tension and highlights… View Article

Devil’s man

This scene is also very captivating as there are so many different storylines and agendas going on in it, on the surface you have Elizabeth Proctor lying for her husband which results in them having a dire consequence, and Hales dramatic change of opinion. Underneath you have Abigail pushing Mary to join her by getting… View Article

Directing a scene from A View From The Bridge

A view from the bridge is a play written by Arthur Miller in 1955. Arthur Miller was born in New York in 1915 and has written over 18 well known plays, some of which have won various awards. A view from the bridge was one of his first plays. This play is based in America… View Article

Scene between Elizabeth and Proctor

During the two exchanges Miller creates semantic fields using temperature as the subject. In Act 1 this field focuses on heat to describe the relationship between John Proctor and Abigail. Within the exchange Abigail uses this imagery of heat frequently “I have a sense for heat” and “burning in your loneliness”. The words “heat” and… View Article

Scene where Eddie kisses Catherine and Rodolfo

In this scene Eddie comes home early from work because it is Christmas holiday. He is drunk and seems unsteady. He calls out to Beatrice to see if she is at home. Catherine enters the room ‘you got home early’ she says ‘knocked off for Christmas early’ he replies. Rodolfo then appears in the bedroom… View Article

A View From A Bridge – analysis of act i scene 5

I have chosen Nicolas cage because he is strong but not very strong and he has a good American accent. This scene is probably the most important scene of the play as there is so much action and it is the first real time you see any conflict between the characters. The scene starts when… View Article

The scene in which I performed

The action of the play unfolds in Manchester, Oldham and London and a surreal ‘limbo’ space where the girls come to play each dressed to their own generation, called ‘The Wasteground’ and the action unfolds between the years of 1923 and 1987. We initially explored each character by investigating the differences between a child (like… View Article