Scenario Essay Examples

Theoretically Speaking

The situation described is dire to say the least. It is extremely possible that the mother in the scenario was raised in a similar situation and is therefore passing on her way to gain attention to her daughter. The four year old child is learning from her mother’s behavior and has already begun to seek… View Article

Traveling Through the Dark

Summary: A man finds a gunned down deer at the side of the road while traveling through a jungle. He further becomes depressed to find the deer pregnant. As he has to move forward on his way, so he pushes the deer into the river. Paraphrase: I came across a deer on the side of… View Article

The Glass Menagerie

      In The Glass Menagerie all the characters: both the members of the Wingfield family and the gentleman caller –Jim, live in worlds of their own making. Theirs is a painful environment; one that has  been produced  from dashed expectations. With such harshness surrounding them, each of the characters finds a way to filter it… View Article

Trouble Shooting Scenarios

I interviewed the network administrator of a publishing company.  The publisher is based in Philadelphia while the majority of the workforce is based in Asia.  Since it’s not possible for the publisher to be physically present in the Hong Kong office all the time, he needs a medium of communication that would connect him to… View Article

Bravo Network Executives

Episode #2––  Stock the Pantry.  Mom’s will be given five minutes to explore their kitchen area, which will be stocked with a few random ingredients (flour, salt, milk, some spices) and then another five to create a grocery list. Then they will have $75 to stock the pantry/fridge.  Our judges will prepare a list of… View Article

The Day the Dancers Came by Bienvenido Santos

As soon as Fil woke up, he noticed a whiteness outside, quite unusual for the November mornings they had been having. That fall, Chicago was sandman’s town, sleepy valley, drowsy gray, slumberous mistiness from sunup till noon when the clouds drifted away in cauliflower clusters and suddenly it was evening. The lights shone on the… View Article

Why Do People Work

Mr Harris liked trains. He was afraid of aeroplanes, and didn’t like buses. But trains ,they were big and noisy and exciting. When he was a boy of ten, he liked trains. Now he was a man of fifty, and he still liked trains. So he was a happy man on the night of the… View Article


Scenario 01: Your Company’s policy on reimbursement for meals while traveling on business is that you will be repaid for your out-of-pocket costs, not to exceed $80 per day. You don’t need receipts for these expenses – the company will take your word. When traveling, you tend to eat at fast food places and rarely… View Article

Big Drive Auto Scenario

It is the dream of every organization to enter a new market and in the process realize its dreams. However, this dream becomes very difficult to achieve due to a number of factors among them entry barriers put in place by those companies that are already operating in those countries. According to Arthur, S. &… View Article