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Scarlet Letter Analysis Essay

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Scarlet Letter Analysis

The author of the Scarlett Letter, Hawthorne, uses many different rhetorical elements throughout the novel. Some example of Hawthorne’s elements are diction, syntax, tone, examples, analogy, and/or contrast.

Hester Pryne is the main character of the Scarlett Letter, she’s the woman who has an affair with Dimmesdale and has a baby girl, Pearl. Dimmesdale is the pastor of the community and keeps the affair a secret, which would eventually cause him to have a heart attack, which in turn ends his life. Hester has been alienated from the community because of her affair. Hester is one that is usually rational to others, but she’s not going to be like that any longer, since it would mean she’d have to give up her daughter Pearl. Hester is the one person that respects the community. She goes out to take the poor folk some food and extra clothing. Hester is not an extraordinary woman of the community, but she can be intelligent and capable of handling different circumstances. Hester Pryne is one of the most important characters throughout the entire novel.

The story of the Scarlett Letter is set back in the mid seventeenth century in Boston, Massachusetts. The conflict throughout the story is that Hester Pryne emigrated to Boston from Europe without her husband. She eventually has an affair with Dimmesdale, the communities pastor, and gives birth to a daughter. Hester is condemned to wear a scarlet “A” to stand for “Adulteror” on her, while Hester’s public shaming is happening, her husband comes into the story.

The tone of the novel varies from chapter to chapter. The introductory tone is quite bitter, while the tone of the body is more thoughtful and straightforward. The major themes of the Scarlet Letter are that of Sin, nature of evil, and society. The most major symbol of all is the scarlet “A” because it shows that Hester did commit Adultery, but she doesn’t care what the rest of the community thinks, since she now has a daughter.

By the time of the ending of the novel, both Hester’s lover, Dimmesdale, and her husband, Chillingsworth, have died. Dimmesdale died of a heart attack for keeping in the secret, and Chillingsworth died from not fulfilling his revenge.

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