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Saxonville Sausage Marketing Case Essay

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Saxonville Sausage Marketing Case

Case 1: Saxonville Sausage Company The Problem Saxonville Sausage Company has hired a new Ann Banks as product brand manager. Steven Sears, VP of Marketing, has given Ms. Banks the Vivio Italian sausage. This product is on a slow gain and awareness among consumers. The company has recently released their branding company and needs Banks to increase awareness in the new product. Yet, Banks needs to do some heavy research before she can make a decision on the future promotion of the Vivio line.

Banks learns that not much has been done to promote the new product. There is no distinction in label and packaging. There is not much push, other than introductory promotion and discounts. Banks and colleagues begin researching their competitors and the vision of Vivio for Saxonville Sausage. Banks creates a four step process to get a good understanding and preparation for her presentation on how to make Vivio a more marketable product.

Recommendation Banks has done everything correctly at this point and showed excellent managerial/supervisory skill. She first listened to her client, Saxonville Sausage. Next, she listened to manufactures and wholesalers. These people have information about your market and where the market is going. Finally, she listened to the public. The focus groups were relaxed and allowed participates to communicate easily.

Yet, I think Banks missed out on some other markets. In the beginning, the case discussed the usage of the sausage for barbeque and social gatherings, but they didn’t explore that area. Men are predominately grillers in the household, even though women are the grocery consumers. Also, Banks didn’t consider the restaurant industry. This would also add a touch of class and excellence in the quality of meat. Consumer would assume if it is good for a chef, then it is top quality product for their home cooking. Also, Banks didn’t get a younger perception. Most mothers are driven in their purchases by what their children eat. This would also add to increased need by the parent to feel a child’s want.

Overall, Banks did a thorough investigation of the brand and it’s potential. She may have missed a few helpful components, but she is well knowledge on the direction of the Vivio line. She is making Vivio a more personable product.

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