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Samsung Corporation Essay

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Samsung Corporation

The presentation was intended to discuss my most admired person born outside the United States, and I have chosen Kun Hee Lee, the CEO of Samsung Corporation. My admiration of Kun Hee Lee stems from the fact that he possesses fearless leadership, exercises quality management with passion, and has exemplary skills of “getting the right people on the bus” i.e. selecting the most competent employees.

The content of the presentation was comprehensive and encompassed a brief yet thorough explanation of Kun Hee Lee Kim’s positive traits that are worth emulating. These include his penchant for quality control, which resulted in a 3 billion dollar net profit for Samsung’s telecommunication division by 2002, and a substantial growth in revenue, from 230million dollars to 15 billion dollars.

One other reason which has been expounded on by the speaker is his talent in recruiting the best employees, further reinforcing his success as an executive. Both items have been discussed comprehensively citing pertinent facts from literature. I have also made efforts to ensure that the words used are appropriate for each portion being discussed – but this still needs to be significantly improved. In terms of content, it would be better if the conclusion was elaborated on further.

I think that the choice of the topic has been done prudently, and it is an apt topic to present. The organization of the presentation has also been undertaken systematically, and it is apparent that an outline with clear thoughts has been used in making the presentation. While the content is commendable, I think there are several points to improve on in terms of style. One strength is the effort to maintain eye contact with the audience throughout the presentation. However, I should show more confidence and credibility by improving my rigid posture.

The voice volume should also be improved, with proper intonation, inflection and accent at points of emphasis so that the audience may not be bored. Because of this point of improvement, it seemed like I was reading a manuscript instead of delivering a presentation in a lively and animated manner. Pronunciation should likewise be improved to facilitate understanding by the audience since I am a non-native speaker. All these may be significantly improved by trying to interact more frequently with native speakers to have more venues for using the English language.

In conclusion, the presentation was commendable in terms of content with very little need for improvement in the conclusion portion. On the other hand, the manner of delivery – including voice volume, intonation, pronunciation, accent, and confidence must be enhanced. Eye contact is already satisfactory.

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