Sales Essay Examples

Primark Sales Assistant Personal Qualities

Now I am supervisor I will have to… because a part of my new role will be… * This will enable me to…. * If I do not …. then ….. will happen. As a retail sales assistant I had to have good communication skills which enabled me to communication effectively with customers and colleagues…. View Article

The effectiveness of the execution of a sales promotion

Evaluate the effectiveness of the execution of a sales promotion for a selected product or service, recommending improvements. In this task I will have to give the strengths of my sale promotion, I will say if it worked well and why it did and then I will list the weaknesses of my promotion and say… View Article

The advantages and disadvantages

The video solution plugs into your computer’s motherboard, and is responsible for decoding and processing the video signal. The quality of video you see on your monitor depends on both the video card and the monitor you choose. More video card memory and faster graphics processors can result in more stunning and enjoyable visual effects… View Article

Introduction to sales promotions

Today, sales promotions are a key feature of the retail trade. There are many ways in which a business can sell and a sales promotion is just one aspect of marketing goods or services. The specific product which I have decided to base this assignment on is ‘Coca-Cola’s’ 2- litre bottle of coke. I thought… View Article

J & J Automotive Sales

Replicate business and referrals from pleased clients are fundamental to success in selling. The longer you work in sales as a professional person committed to treating your customers right, the higher and higher will be the proportion of your business emanating from repeat business and customer referrals. By contrast, think about the stereotype of the… View Article

Sales/Marketing Interview

“Sales and marketing departments, which ought to work together in a symbiotic, supportive way, too often get bogged down in turf wars”, suggests Carol Krol, author of the research article devoted to the problem of Sales & Marketing departments unable to find their way in the maze of today’s business jungle. Whether or not, such… View Article

Sales Tax

OBJECTIVE             The objective of this work is to discuss sales tax issues from the viewpoint of both the citizen and the Budget Director. Reviewed will be issues of ‘volatility’, ‘reliability’, and ‘equity’ as well as how the sales tax impacts activities of government such as economic development, community initiatives and service provision. Finally this… View Article

Sales Management

In order to find a solution to his situation, Evans and those suffering from similar problems have to explore the factors that depress their sales. Diagnosing weaknesses in sales performance is the first stage in improving the level of sales. Sales management is about achieving specified goals. The main aim is to raise sales volume… View Article

Sales And Persuasion With Elm

Selling creative work is a more challenging task compared to selling shampoo or burgers. The existence of tension between sales people, art designers and clientele can be a very frustrating experience. On one end, artists, being artists always creates according to the intent of the client and rarely according to the cost of the portfolio…. View Article

Marketing Relationship in the Organisation

Relationship marketing is a form of marketing developed from direct response marketing campaigns conducted in the 1970s and 1980s which emphasizes customer retention and satisfaction, rather than a dominant focus on point-of-sale transactions. Relationship marketing differs from other forms of marketing in that it recognizes the long term value to the firm of keeping customers,… View Article

The selling process

The function of sales has become more and more challenging in recent times due to a number of factors. While there is a continuous rise in the costs of selling, one finds that customers are increasingly resistant to price increases. Buyers are becoming more and more demanding in their relationships with vendors and would-be vendors… View Article

Sale Transaction

Scholarly accounts narrate of a sale transaction between the early 17th century Dutch settlers in Manhattan (Island Manhattes then) and the Indians occupying the island. In the article written by Francis (n.d.), the sale transaction took place in August 10, 1626 (381 years ago), and amounted to 60 guilders (E.B. O’Callaghan, ed. 1856 Documents Relative… View Article

Trying To Sell An IPod

Have you ever ridden a bus or the train feeling bored without no one to talk to and wishing that you were listening to something good? Have you ever got on a car or other public transport vehicle or went to a public place where the music that is playing is somewhat not your preference… View Article

Nursing Home Facility

The following essay summarizes case studies discussed in Nursing Home Facility Risk Factors for Infection and Hospitalization: Importance of Registered Nurse Turnover, Administration, and Social Factors (Zimmerman, et al. 2002) and Surveys, Studies Overwhelmingly Support Staffing Ratios (Atkinson, 2005). All the case studies examined involve the rate of nurse turnover and understaffed facilities which have… View Article

Persuasive Memorandum

Under Armour has established itself as a highly successful sports wear brand, the reason for its success is the fact that products manufactured by U.A are designed with full understanding of an athlete’s needs. The U.A’s branded store at Annapolis appears to be highly popular among sports enthusiasts as it offers them a unique opportunity… View Article