Russell Essay Topics

English Literature

Willam Russel is a British playwright who is eminent for the production of many plays; his best known works are Educating Rita, Blood Brothers and Shirley Valentine. Russell was born and raised in Whinston, on the outskirts of Liverpool. He came from a working class background and some of his experiences as a youngster are… View Article

Blood Brothers

My initial example is where Eddie is advising Mickey what to say when he asks Linda out. Eddie: Linda my loins are burning for you. Let me lay my weary head on your warm breast; Linda, I love you, I want you, the very centre of my being calls out for you! Eddie’s environment has… View Article

Blood Brothers

Hoe does Russell create a sense of tension and conflict for the audience between Mrs Lyons and Mrs Johnstone in the play ‘Blood Brothers’ ? Willy Russell creates a sense of tension and conflict between the two main female characters in the play which are Mrs Johnstone and Mrs Lyons. Russell uses many different techniques… View Article

Describe in detail the techniques

Blood Brothers is about a pair of twins who are born to a mother who can’t afford to keep them. Then there is Mrs. Lyons who can not have any children for reasons unknown. Mrs. Johnstone (the mother of the twins) gets a job cleaning Mrs. Lyons house. As the days of cleaning wear on… View Article

Russell on Labor, Leisure and Society

Everybody works. Every individual is subject to the undeniable and perhaps unfortunate reality that is the labor system. People have needed to toil away in the confines of factories, offices, and so on, day in and day out for the greater extent of their lives in order to earn tax dollars so they can provide… View Article