Rule Essay Topics

US Exclusionary Rule

The US Exclusionary Rule, also referred to as a Motion to Suppress Evidence is a legal mechanism by which accused criminals can seek legal remedy if evidence presented against them in a court of law was obtained by law enforcement illegally, or perhaps if there is a question of the authenticity/accuracy of the evidence (Greisman,… View Article

The In-house Handling of NCAA Rule Violation

Critical issues in sports are exemplified even in the modest inter-collegiate setting. In fact, concerns and scandals are not exclusive to professional sports and big athletic associations. This is because sports-related problems and most importantly, violations rampantly exist right inside the college premises. Such grave incidents of violation, either of the established regulations of the… View Article

Double Jeopardy Rule

Where there is a beginning, there must be an ending. Like life, all proceedings, whether judicial, quasi-judicial or administrative must have a starting point and ending point. In a jury trial, jeopardy begins or attaches when the selected jury is sworn; and attaches in a bench trial, when the first witness is sworn. Eric J…. View Article

White Rule in South Africa

The life of the Black South Africans was miserable under the White rule. The history of Black South Africans is replete with a long tale of poverty, violence, usurping of the rights of the Blacks who were in majority but seldom enjoyed equal rights with that of the Whites who have become their masters as… View Article

Newspaper article

The Pirates put out an amazing playoff season, this year having been the first year in the playoffs since 1992, but on October 9, 2013 they lost to the St. Louis Cardinals ending their amazing playoff season. In their last playoff game in St. Louis the Pirates lost 6-1 to the Cardinals, ending the season…. View Article