Router Essay Topics

Wireless Broadband Router

Wireless N has three components, which include an Access Point; This connects to the network free of wires, Built in 4 port full-duplex 10/100 switch for connecting the wired-Ethernet equipments together and the Router function that binds all the others together and makes the full network have a high speed or DSL connectivity. The Access… View Article

Hardware vs Software Routing

A router can be defined as a device that connects two or more than two computer networks and selectively exchanges packets of data among them. Every packet data encompasses address information that a router can use to find out whether the destination and source are on the same network, or if the packet data must… View Article

Cisco Systems: Web-enablement

Mission Cisco’s mission is to solve their customer’s most important business challenges by delivering intelligent networks and technology architectures built on integrated products, services, and software platforms. They accomplish this by making everything thing do about the customer. Strategy John Chambers was hired in 1991 and quickly became CEO of the company in 1995. He… View Article

Administrative Distance

In computing there are languages that the commands with each language. This paragraph is going to give commands of Cisco command which change the administrative distance of EBGP routes to the same value as IBGP routes and Cisco IOS commands to change the administrative distance of RIP to four. The commands for Cisco IOS command… View Article

Performing a cable installation

When performing a cable installation, there are a lot of things that you have to put into consideration. First, you want to draw up a plan. Some things that you would want to include in the plan would be: where your telecommunications rooms are located, what is the distance from your leased line to your… View Article