Rosaline Essay Topics

Romeo and Juliet

”Some incidents in the play take place in the public streets, others in other private settings. Choose two incidents, one public and one private and show how the settings help to make the words and actions vivid” The two incidents I have chosen to compare are act one scene one and act one scene two…. View Article

A critical essay based on three scenes

Consider the importance of these scenes in the play as a whole. You should write about:  Dramatic effect  The language of the scenes Presentation of character  Changes in mood and tone Key themes within Romeo and Juliet are conveyed to the audience within the prologue. These themes help the audience to understand the first meeting… View Article

Aspects of love – Romeo and Juliet

Now Juliet’s father has a leading role in Juliet’s “love life”. In Verona the people were catholic and it was to have arranged marriages. With Juliet as a young teenager, Capulet thought she might have been too young to get married; Capulet- “My child is yet a stranger in the world; She hath not seen… View Article

Consider analyle

Romeo and Juliet: how important is the opening scene of the play? How effective should it be on stage? (Deal with lines 1-11), the first mention of Romeo. Consider analyle, comment on characters, action, stage craft, the atmosphere and theme. The opening scene of Romeo and Juliet is effective because it’s full of humour and… View Article

What events in Juliet’s life shape

What events in Juliet’s life shape this change in her personality, and how does her language reflect this change? At the age of fourteen Juliet was a young and nai?? ve innocent girl. However, during the play she matures emotionally and broadens her ideas and her way of thinking. This vast and rapid change was… View Article