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“Romeo and Juliet” Essay Introduction Essay

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“Romeo and Juliet” Essay Introduction

William Shakespeare in his work “Romeo and Juliet” tells about a beautiful, pure and sincere love, which unfortunately ends tragically. This is a narrative, recounting about tender feelings of young people have faced a cruel and inhuman world. Enmity, strife and blood feuds are trying to resist their nascent sympathy. But the heroes do not imagine life without each other and are ready to die, just to be together. It is not surprising that this story is transmitted through generations, becoming almost a legend.

The tragedy’s characters are very young, but their sentiments become so deep that over a short period of time they quickly grow up. Prior to the meeting with Romeo, Juliette Capulet was an obedient and loving daughter, for whom her parents served as an embodiment of wisdom, goodness, and justice. While a girl did not fall in love, she considered all Montecchi enemies and did not think about the true causes of hatred between their families. But with an advent of passion, Juliet comes to life with mind, starting to wonder how she should remain her conscience clean and at the same time love a family enemy.

She does not yet know about hiding own emotions. A girl is not capable of hating a person just for his origin. Unlike Juliet, Romeo seems to us as a young man spending time in idleness but fascinated by an absurd and unapproachable beauty Rosalind. Not having achieved reciprocity, he is sad and seeking solitude, yet not realizing that this is a fictitious passion.

But a meeting with Juliet transforms the hero. At the moment he reincarnates into an ardent, boundlessly in love man, ready for anything for the sake of love. Their sensations are violated by all the prohibitions and restrictions imposed by clans. Fondness makes the youth wise. A hostile attitude towards the Capulet, blind hatred, which cannot be explained by reason, was replaced by courageous restraint.

The feelings of Romeo and Juliet are severely tested. They prefer sympathy to home loyalty, merging in a single impulse, but individuality is preserved in each of them. A heroine is still quite a child. The protagonists are fighting for the right to choose who to love, but they met with fierce enmity. Such a strong feeling is born from an admiration of beauty, from the belief in the greatness of humanity and the desire to share a joy of life.

Juliet perishes, hardly having felt happiness. No one can replace her poisoned Romeo. Fondness does not repeat itself, and without it, existence loses meaning for the girl. Taking away their life, the personages endured a severe sentence of inhumanity. In their rebellion and striving to find own freedom, qualities of noble souls that will always excite people are expressed.

Relations between them lasted less than a week, but it was opposed to the outdated views of their families. It was the death of the children that finally managed to reconcile the Capulet and the Montague. In the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, there is such a morality: human feelings are much more significant than old class superstitions.

Thus, the Shakespeare’s composition “Romeo and Juliet” is considered the saddest and bright love story in world literature. Two lovers, ready for the sake of their passion for incredible deeds, and a fatal combination of circumstances, which causes readers tears and an understanding of how prejudice may ruin a person’s life. In addition, a good light syllable of the play, relevant humor, and excellent secondary personages makes this work so beloved in the centuries after writing.

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