Romeo Essay Topics

The dramatic events and language of Romeo and Juliet

Love and hate both occur many times during the course of the play, love and hate could be addressed as the two main focuses from the play. The play, Romeo and Juliet, is a tragedy but it still could be said that love triumphs over hate by the end of the play. The final scene… View Article

Discuss How Shakespeare uses dramatic techniques

The audience have probably guessed that it will be an angry argument as he wants the best for Juliet. This is shown at the start of his speech; “When the sun sets, the air doth drizzle dew But for the sunset of my brother’s sun It rains downright. How now! A conduit, girl? What, still… View Article

Claire Danes

To what extent do you agree with this point? I think Luhrmann’s film version of Romeo & Juliet brings Act 1 Scene 5 to life exceptionally well. His choice of setting, type of music, designs of costumes, and other film directions and language use portray the original Shakespeare version marvellously. Firstly, the scene and setting…. View Article

Romeo’s cousin

In the ending of the prologue, violent scenes are rapidly shown. During one of the clips, a helicopter flies over Verona giving us very quick views of the city below. This creates a shaky image of the city. The audience experience a feeling of being on board the helicopter looking down. As the montage progresses… View Article

Juliets Reaction to Romeo

Task: How does Shakespeare present Juliet’s reactions to Romeo in their first two scenes? (1: 5 and 2:2) Juliet falls in love with Romeo from the first meeting. In the first meeting Romeo doesn’t approach Juliet with words of love but words about religion and pilgrims. Romeo assures Juliet that he will love and respect… View Article

Establish the genre and themes of the film

How does the opening sequence of “Romeo and Juliet” try to capture audience interest and establish the genre and themes of the film? “Romeo and Juliet” has a very effective opening sequence, the first four minutes set the story of the movie, giving you an idea of what’s to come. “Romeo & Juliet” is believed… View Article

The movie was made in 1997

During this essay I will look and analyse the opening scene from the movie Romeo and Juliet, the movie was made directed by Baz Lurhmann. The movie was made in 1997. I will discuss the camera usage, music, lights, events, settings and costume. The movie is cultural representation of the time with extensive special effects… View Article

Examine the importance of Act III, Scene V

Examine the importance of Act III, Scene V. How would you direct the scene in order to emphasise your interpretation? Romeo and Juliet is a play of love and tragedy. It is a great play if directed properly and is easy for people to understand. This is why I am writing this essay on how… View Article

Discuss the various perceptions of love in Shakespeare’s

William Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet in 1595. When it was written, Shakespeare was quite young, 31, already five years into his career. Queen Elizabeth I was on the throne at the time, and many of the characteristics of Elizabethan lifestyle are included within the play. In the Elizabethan times, it was not unusual for… View Article

The opening scene

Romeo & Juliet was a play written by William Shakespeare when plays were the main source of entertainment, which if disliked by audiences would end up in actors being hit by rotten fruit and vegetables. With that in mind Shakespeare devised openings to his play’s, which gripped the audience immediately with drama, action or humour…. View Article

Baz Luhrmann’s

How does Baz Luhrmann’s film adaptation of “Romeo and Juliet” visually highlight Shakespeare’s rich language and imagery? Shakespeare’s use of language reflects the theatre of his day. There were no elaborate set designs, costumes, lighting or sound effects and there were also only a small number of actors playing many different parts. This could get… View Article

Examine the language

A soliloquy is during a play when an actor will speak his/her thoughts out loud to the audience. The actor will usually stand-alone on stage but if another actor is on stage they will go on with what they are doing. The purpose of a soliloquy is to help the audience understand the imagery. Shakespeare… View Article

Film review of Romeo and Juliet

Tears, laughter, fear and desperation. These are just some of the emotions you’re guaranteed to endure whilst viewing the epic tragedy that is, “Romeo and Juliet”. This classic love story was first written by William Shakespeare in 1591, it was adapted for screenplay by Baz Luhrmann and Craig Pearce. This version was first released in… View Article

Rosaline and Act 1 scene 5

What changes in Romeo’s language, feelings and opinion of love can be noted and what conclusions can be reached about the nature of his love for the two women? Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare was written around the 16^th century. Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” is a love-tragedy about two people who fall in love… View Article

Romeo and Juliet

The Globe Theatre is a big circular theatre based on the South bank of the Thames in London. Shakespeare held his newest plays there before he publicly showed them anywhere else. The positions of where people sat varied from, the richer people sitting high up in the stands, and the poorer people who had to… View Article