Rome Essay Topics

Is it appropriate to describe Virgil Aeneid

The Aeneid as written by Virgil is the great epic of one man who followed his destiny. He was both aided and hindered in his travels by the gods who watched his movements with great interest. But Aeneas was a hero, he understood what he was fated to do, what destiny needed fulfilling and despite… View Article

The Arena

As the sun was rising it beat down on the arena. The gold, orange light reflected the peaceful dawn. The cloudless sky had a few birds flying over. The silence was slightly unnerving. As the sun shone onto the seats they began to warm. The smell of the blood hung like a sea mist over… View Article

Noblest Roman of All

The noblest Roman of them all, according to Marc Antony, was Brutus “one of the conspirators who stabbed Caesar to death”. The note of regret here is ironic, to say the least, because Antony raised the army which has destroyed Brutus. That’s what brings me to say Marcus Antonius is in fact the actual Noblest… View Article

Greek and Roman Architecture

The Greek and Roman Architecture is very much alike, but at the same time they are different in some ways. Wealth and high population densities in the cities had forced the ancient Romans to discover some new architectural solutions of their own. The Roman architecture adopted certain aspects of Greek architecture and created a new… View Article

First Eclogue of Vrigil

The first eclogue was written between 42 and 39 B.C.E. Two of the eclogues which are the 1 and 9 belong to the pastoral poetry. This eclogue is a 12 verses dialogue between 2 herdsmen: Meliboeus and Tityrus. The first eclogue is based on a personal experience. Virgil and his family had been evicted and… View Article

Rome during the Second Century A.D.

Despite the paradigmatic changes apparent in the structural foundations of culture and society, there still exists an underlying unifying framework characterized by the basic tasks necessary to undergo life. It is within this framework that I would like to describe an experience rarely given to man, such an experience that I am referring to pertains… View Article

Rome – The Heart of Culture

There are many beautiful and exciting places to visit in the world – Venice and Paris impress your emotions and the hidden feelings, whereas Egypt and Thailand impress your attitude towards cultural heritage. Nevertheless, my favorite city is Rome and I can return to its ancient-looking streets and romantic atmosphere as many times as I… View Article

Roman Rulers and Their Families

The website provides an in-depth study of the Roman Empire focusing primarily on the different rulers of the empire throughout its history. There is an index with all the roman rulers with their biographical write-up. There is also a family tree that links significant people in the Roman Empire throughout its history. There are also… View Article

Roman Cultural Values

Roman civilization is known to be one of the greatest human societies to ever exist. Their progress and development are still considered unmatched for having built one of the riches and greatest empire in human history. Thus with great knowledge and intellectual development, the Roman society developed a highly philosophical and academic cultural values which… View Article

Roman Construction

The most magnificent structures and works of art can probably be found in Rome. Compared to other civilizations, the Roman constructions crossed the boundaries of engineering in creating buildings, bridges and other structures out of mortars, bricks and woods. From public infrastructures to private houses, Romans were able to create a whole new ground for… View Article

Imperial Rome

More than a thousand years ago, most of the civilized world was ruled by Rome, and the Roman Empire’s reach extended over hundreds of countries and cultures. It was one of the greatest empires that ever existed in the world. Its influence reached as far as Britain, Persia, and even Africa. During the life of… View Article

Julius Caesar

How and why was Augustus able to found a stable and enduring monarchy when Julius Caesar had failed? One of the most influential men in history is Julius Caesar. The transformation of the Roman republic into a Roman empire was made significant by Caesar. He became to be known as a military genius at his… View Article

The Fall Of Rome

During period of government of Diocletian, Roman Empire gains more and more features of Western despotism. In order to strengthen the government, to regulate management of provinces Diocletian (284-303) makes complex of reforms: Administrative – he divides empire into Western and Eastern (final division in year 395); territory of Empire is divided into 10 dioceses… View Article

The Influence of the Roman Empire

The culture of ancient Rome casts a long shadow over our lives in the twenty-first century. Even if we don’t remember the origins, the influence of the ancient Romans can be seen all around us. Many buildings of high importance in the western world show the traditions of Roman architecture. The founding fathers of the… View Article

Transition of Rome from Republic to Empire

As it is known, both the Ancient Rome and Roman law had a huge influence on the jurisprudence development history. In fact, the Roman legal system was very popular in the Ancient World and it managed to provide a good law basis for many countries, which is widely used even today (Ancient Rome 1). It… View Article