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River Pollution Essay

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River Pollution

River is very important because it can provide clean water and can act as a main source of protein to human beings. Most of the drinking water consumed by the people of the world originates from the river. If the river has been polluted, then the tarnished river water needs to be filtered through a series of intricate and money-consuming process. The picture above clearly shows that the pollution of water happened because of the ignorant act of dumping rubbish and toxic waste materials into the river by the irresponsible people.

The major factor that leads to river pollution is none other than the carefree attitude of throwing garbage into rivers by the very community itself. This selfish attitude is usually done by the inhabitants who live nearby the river. These kinds of people would just simply throw out their own garbage into rivers without thinking about the consequences of their action. In this era of globalization, rivers are now considered by many as a big old thrash.

Some of the people who use rivers as a convenient place to dump their stuff give lame excuses to justify their action such as that the public thrash can provided being too far from their houses. They are too lazy to even find a trash can because according to them it is too much of a burden and is very tiresome. So, they decide to take the easy way out by throwing the garbage into the pure and clean rivers and causing them to become murky and toxic.

Besides that, factories illegally dump their toxic waste materials also play a role in river pollution. The toxic wastes pollute the river water by decreasing the pH of the water to a dangerous level. The low pH of the river water can cause harms to humans and can be very poisonous to the aquatic life. Most of the factories which dump their toxic wastes into the river are from big corporation with a lot of cash. Massive oil spills can also cause water pollution. This usually occurs because there is a leak which will then burst out in oil barrel.

Since the water has a higher density than the oil, the latter will float on the surface of the water. Eventually, this will affect the growth of the aquatic plants and also become a death trap to all animals both the fish and the birds. All in all, each and every one of us is bound by the duty to preserve the rivers from any sort of pollution. As one of God’s creations who has been given intelligence, we are responsible in guarding the river water because it is indisputably one of god’s precious gifts.

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