Ritual Essay Topics

The Elusive Nacirema Tribe

In the everyday life of the perceived “normal” individual, rituals and rites performed by individuals as part of a different culture might seem harsh, cruel or even barbaric. After my first read of “Body Ritual among the Nacirema”, that is how I perceived their daily way of life. They believe in magic potions, seeking pain… View Article


Since the beginning of man, there have been ailments that have plagued the human race without concern of who it is inflicting or why they occur. These ailments had to have been combated by some sort of medicine by each culture and their remedies must have been plenty. The plethora of different kinds of medicines… View Article

Nacirema Tribe

Over 50 years ago, Horace Miner published a study on the Nacirema Tribe. In the study he talked about their body rituals, and revealed to the world every strange ritual these people had. After reading this study, I decided to do one for myself. So I visited the Nacirema tribe. The things I observed still… View Article

Born to die – vodou ritual and the importance of Gede

At the heart vodou practitioners believe, “People are born to die” (375). The vision of death is ever present in their life and it is what gives them energy. Haitians search for balance in their existence, but balance in vodou is a dynamic force of living with conflicting ideals harmoniously. In the face of such… View Article

Jain Man Fasts to Death

A 76 year old Indian man died of starvation that is called “santhara”. It is an old practice in Jainism where a person fasts for a number of days and is believed to help the person achieve salvation. Some people are still not amenable to this practice as they believe that this is a sort… View Article

The Ritual and its Different Meanings

This paper is about the practice of human sacrifice in Aztec culture. Archival research was employed as a methodology to gather the information relevant to the topic. Libraries were visited and books discussing the topic were used as references. Books about the Aztec people and Mesoamerican history were consulted to provide the details of the… View Article

Ritual practices

John A. Grim of Yale University explained that the term “indigenous” is a generalized reference to the thousands of small scale societies who have distinct languages, kinship systems, mythologies, ancestral memories and homelands. Much of these indigenous cultures were found in North America long before the European settlers arrived. Some of these cultures had their… View Article

A family ritual to strengthen family bonds

As I was answering the Family rituals questionnaire, I felt good as i was somewhat compelled to reminisce the activities which I shared with my family when I was a child. It feels good to see that our family got a high score in the questionnaire. In only proves that we have been quite close… View Article

Ethnocentrism: Culture and Editorial Board

ABSTRACT There are many issues that can be attributed to an individual’s cultural beliefs and how they can relate to another individuals specific cultural beliefs and set standards. Sometimes these issues can be minor and dealt with appropriately, but in other cases these cultural differences can be monumental and cause different societies to wage wars… View Article

Man to Send Rain Clouds

Culture instills a significant role in family life. Family traditions are often passed down from one generation to the next, and usually produce added complexity from outside influence over time. The original identity of the belief continues to be apparent, although more ideas have been added to the basic cultural belief. In Leslie Silko’s short… View Article

“Shaving” By Leslie Norris – TAH

In the story “Shaving,” by Leslie Norris, a sixteen-year-old Rugby player, Barry, changes and accepts the inevitability of his father’s death. Barry’s character and maturity are changed as he dealt with the emotional crisis before him. The author’s use of physical description, nature, and the ritual of shaving reinforce Barry’s transition from boyhood to the… View Article

Being religious is not a matter of subscribing to doctrines

In oral/first traditions, being religious entails much more than simply subscribing to a set of doctrines.  It is instead a world view, a way of ordering society, and a means of reckoning with the natural and supernatural.  It deals with the unseen and, in the absence of science, does not create boundaries between natural phenomena… View Article

The theme of subalternity in mahasweta devi’s Rudali

Mahaswetha Devi was born in 1926 in Dhaka, in a privileged middle-class Bengali family. She is an extraordinary woman who has written and fought for the marginalized tirelessly for the past six decades. she is a culmination of an activist and a writer working for the betterment of subaltern in her own way of protesting… View Article

The Lottery

The Lottery The specific details Jackson describes in the beginning of “The Lottery” set us up for the shocking conclusion. In the first paragraph, Jackson provides specific details about the day on which the lottery takes place. She tells us the date (June 27), time (about 10 A.M.), and temperature (warm). She describes the scene… View Article

Rite of Passage

Every person begins their life with a birth and ends it with death. In our lives, there will be other rites of passage that will still have great importance; celebrating birthdays, graduation from school or collage, getting jobs, marriage, having kids, transition from child to adult and even divorce. Rites of passage help many people… View Article