Risk Essay Topics

Enhancers and inhibitors

If you don’t know the topic that the service user wants to discuss then just for the sake of it you shouldn’t carry on the conversation as your lack of understanding may not be guiding them in the right direction, so you should then find someone who can help sort out their issue and leave… View Article

Description of personal warm-up

Before training or playing a match in my sport I will always follow a warm-up program. This warm-up will help prevent injury such as muscle pulls and tears. As well as being physically prepared it will also help me be mentally prepared which is especially important in a match situation. My warm-up consists of a… View Article

Analysing and improving form: Badminton

Good attributes. * Greg plays a range of shots well and has good tactical knowledge * Greg has good reflexes and is therefore able to reach and play shots all around the court * Greg has a good level of fitness and can keep playing for long periods of time Bad attributes. * Greg lacks… View Article

Eradicating risk

Judges, Chairman, Members of the Floor. Life is full of risks. Even in our day to day lives we encounter many situations which could include risk: playing sport or travelling to and from school. And it is of course important to understand this risk, whether that is by merely educating yourself of the risks attached… View Article

Implement Person Centred Approaches in Health and Social Care

1.1 Understand person centered approaches for care and support Person centred values is a theory developed by Carl Rogers that trusted the innate tendency (known as the actualising tendency) of human beings to find fulfilment of their personal potentials. An important part of this theory is that in a particular psychological environment, the fulfilment of… View Article

Sports Injuries

I have researched this particular assignment with a strong desire to help in preventing sports injuries. As a sport instructor, I would not allow anyone to play that did not know the rules of the game and had knowledge of the consequences of breaking the “rules of the game”. In my research, I found that… View Article

Theories of Profit

There are various theories of profit, given by several economists, which are as follows: 1. Walker’s Theory of Profit as Rent of Ability This theory is pounded by F.A. Walker. According to Walker, “Profit is the rent of exceptional abilities that an entrepreneur may possess over others”. Rent is the difference between the yields of… View Article

Treasury Management

Section 3 Treasury Management 3.01 Introduction How is the foreign exchange exposure on individual transactions being managed by the head of finance? 3.03 Banking Facilities / Funding Is the approval of the regional finance director sought before opening a new account (either an account in a new bank or a new account in the existing… View Article

Systemic Risk of Hedge Funds

Concerns on systemic risk of hedge funds has been a longstanding debate in the in the legal and economic fronts of the American society since the 1998 failure of the Long-Term Capital Management (LTCM). Available information indicates that the LTCM disaster was triggered by over leverage tactic employed by hedge funds in seeking to realize… View Article

Overweight Risk

In the United States, increasing use of sugar in foods has led to an increase in obesity levels. Many manufactured foods have sugars that have been added. These include jams, jellies, yogurt, peanut butter, soups, candy, bars, soft drinks and many other snacks. The National Health and Nutrition examination survey indicated that the United States… View Article

A Critique on the Article: Avoiding Ethical Danger Zones

According to the Business Roundtable Institute for Corporate Ethics (“BRICE”) business leaders of the 21st century face a number of difficult and complex challenges that greatly affect their businesses as well as the various stakeholders (Messick, Bazerman, & Stewart, 2006). This is nothing new considering the fallout of the recent global financial crisis as well… View Article

Manager Resume Example

ALBERT A. YAGUDAEV Home (718) 956-7299  Cell (917) 865-4782 Fluent in English & Russian CORE KNOWLEDGE AREAS Risk Management Finance Management Strategic Analysis Team Building Problem Solving Statistical Analysis Commercial Banking Client Relations Budget Management Report Management Goal-Oriented Communication Skills Bond Assurance Detail-Oriented Decision Making Team Building Time Management Organization Skills PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE   Calyon… View Article

Hole In My Life

“It is not what one does that is wrong, but what one becomes as a consequence of it “, which means the thing you do can turn you into something you’re not. It’s not the crime someone commits it’s if they change or have a positive effect on the consequence. Jack Gantos started hanging with… View Article

Human Factors in Maintenance

Nationair DC-8 Flight 2120 took the lives of 247 passengers and 14 crew members; 261 in all; during takeoff on July 11, 1991. The jet was owned by Canadian airline Nolisair, and was being operated by a Nigerian company to transport Nigerian pilgrims in and out of Mecca. The DC- 8 caught fire during take-off… View Article

The Role And Value Of Risk Management

Background At these present times, knowing and addressing risks is no longer just a technical necessity for companies to put up with. (Modulo website)  It has become a reality that everybody in the organization lives with because it is the only way for them and for the company as a whole to survive.  Thus, while… View Article