Rights Essay Topics

General Rights of EU Citizens

Introduction Since our company New Foods plc is planning to set up a new regional headquarters in other countries of the EU, we who comprise the company’s legal team are presenting this brochure for the benefit of all those employees who desire to move to another country in the EU.  In this connection The European… View Article

The Scottsboro Trials

Abstract The boys, who came to be known as the Scottsboro boys, lived in a time of extreme racial prejudice in the Deep South. Falsely accused of the rape of two white girls, no money for adequate representation, and a court system that would like to dispense with them as quickly as possible, all nine… View Article

Political Theory

Envy Test—The theory that the division of resources is actually equal if and only if one person does not prefer someone else’s portion of the wealth to his own. That means that if everyone in society is ahppy with what they have as compared to what everyone else has then the society passes the envy… View Article

Privacy Rights and Press Freedom

Oftentimes, the Court is confronted with the issue: Which right demands greater protection, the right to privacy or the freedom of expression or of the press? The so called balancing-of-interest doctrine gives the court the prerogative which right demands greater protection.  In Lagunzad v. Sotto vda. De Gonzales (92 SCRA 476, August 6, l976), the… View Article

My Favourite Author – Ayn Rand

“We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force.” Ayn Rand, who lived from 1905 to… View Article

UNICEF and the Safeguard of Children Rights

UNICEF’s mission is to advocate for the protection of children’s rights, to help meet their basic needs and to expand their opportunities to reach their full potential. UNICEF is guided in doing this by the provisions and principles of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNICEF, 2008). Built on varied legal systems and… View Article

Rights of Enemy Combatants

The September 11 2001 US bombing was followed by a US declaration of war against terrorism. The reason the US government cited for the war declaration was the intention to rid the world of all international terrorism groups that posed a formidable danger to the civilian life which is obviously innocent. True to its promise… View Article

Duty of care in own work role

Having a duty of care in your own work role is a requirement to avoid negligence and harm and the safeguarding of children under your care. Young children are very venerable and are almost entirely dependent on adults to care for them in ways that help to protect them from harm. This could be physically… View Article

Health & Social Care

Ai Identify four key pieces of Legislation and Codes of Practice relating to handling information in social care setting. 1). Data Protection Act 1998 – Gives rights to individuals in respect of personal data held about them. It also seeks to protect individuals with regard to the processing of personal data. 2). Freedom of Information… View Article

Rights and Responsibilities of Service Users

Service users rights- hospital they have the right to be respected this means that they have the right to be treated the same as every one else and how they want to be treated. For example they might not want to be treated by a certain gender of doctor so they will have to respect… View Article

Diversity: Individual Rights and Social Care Settings

Diversity recognises, respect and people’s differences to have a say and to realise the full potential by promoting different cultures to all members of staff and students within a school. Within schools diversity is promoted from an early age because of mixed classes of boys and girls and children from different cultures. Children will learn… View Article

Law and People Settings

1.1 A duty of care in my own role is a legal obligation on me requiring me to adhere to a reasonable standard of care while performing acts of care. 1.2 I have a legal and professional duty of care. If I was to neglect someone and this caused them harm then a court of… View Article

Pepsi in Burma

Question 1 Identify the moral issues that are raised by Pepsi’s presence in Burma. A moral issue can be defined as any issue concerning how one ought to behave, how others ought to behave, or whether a situation is proper or improper. Morality is judged based on what is right or wrong. Pepsi’s presence in… View Article

The Right to Die: An Ethical Battle

The Right to die is a highly debatable and argumentative subject at present surrounded by controversy and dilemma requiring public attention. For years, arguments among different doctrines and viewpoint in regards to ones “right to die” have public opinion beginning to move away from modern medicine, back to the historical arguments on euthanasia: to avoid… View Article

Values and Planning

In this first part of my assignment I will be explaining the different values and principles that are applied in care planning and how they will enable the provision of holistic support for service users. Providing direct care/ meeting and supporting the individuals needs Meeting the individual’s needs, making sure that they recognise and promote… View Article