Richard III Essay Topics

Lady Anne to marry him?

In the two extracts Richard uses various language techniques to try to persuade Lady Anne to marry him. This is a comparison to try to understand how Richard does this from lines 33-148 and 150-190. Richard uses his clever wit to help him win the affection of Lady Anne. In the first extract he quickly… View Article

Richard lll: Can Richard’s behaviour be justified

Richard’s behaviour cannot be justified. Justifying behaviour is making sure his behaviour is morally correct. His behaviour may not be justified, however it can be understood. There are many reasons why his behaviour in the play is atrocious, many of which are psychological. In the Elizabethan era, mental illness was not seen as a socially excepted thing. Mental illness… View Article

Richard III

In this essay, I will try to explain the reasons why the audience feels admiration and has a sense of sympathy toward Richard III despite his tyranny and evil intentions based on the opening soliloquy. We will also asses the social, philosophical and historical context in order to explain why the audience may or may… View Article

Impressions of Richard

There are many discrepancies between the real Richard III the play was based on ? and the fictitious character created by Shakespeare. These discrepancies were created for several reasons: His deformity was played up in order to invoke disgust and to portray his lack of morals and evil spirit in a physical form, also Shakespeare… View Article

Richard III

Richard then feels that he has been a burden on his mother all these years and perhaps out of his contempt and disdain for his own life. He decides to become and anti-hero, now the audience has come sympathy for him to some extent. We hear the troubles he faced in his childhood and his… View Article