Review and Critical thinking Essay

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Review and Critical thinking

Review Questions

Syncopation is placing emphasis or accents on beats that are unexpected, or, alternatively.
Is music that combined the music of marches with the rhythms of African music. The instruments used for ragtime are used in jazz.
Cornetist who helped to create jazz music . His music had a loud piercing sound that be heard in the distance.
Bebop had faster rhythms and more complex harmonies.
A form of jazz that emphasized improvisation. In hot jazz multiple musicians did improvisation, In classic it was one. Critical Thinking Questions
Both use improvisation at some point. A difference is that classical music try not to improvise but jazz music use it all the time.
A characteristic of jazz is that it uses a of improvisation. Another characteristic is that it has influence from its african roots.
What they mean by that is that jazz is America’s music, it was created in america and was given a lot attention. Even the government gave attention to it.
Buddy bolden was one of the people to create jazz, not much is know about his music, but some people that heard his music have said it was a loud piercing sound that can be heard from a distance.
Improvisation is creating music in the moment by responding to the other players around you. Jazz music uses improvisation almost all the time, most jazz pieces use improvisation.

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