Review Essay Topics

Frankie and Johnny Review

Frankie and Johnny an unexpected production revolving around a triangular love story. This production shows great techniques of drama. It includes some melodious voices to go with the spirited music that give the production a little more life as the hot seating and the story telling bores the audience too much. No such lighting to… View Article

Review of Mario Puzo’s Six Graves to Munich

Mario Puzo’s obsession with the European underworld begins with Munich, before he enthralled us with ‘The Sicilian’. Mario Puzo, writing as Mario Cleri delivers a straightforward revenge story. The plot is not intense or tight. Compiled a year before he gave us ‘The Godfather’, the plot celebrates Michael Rogan, the protagonist. Captain Michael Rogan is… View Article

Review of the Book: Evangelical Theology

Held in high esteem by many critics as one of the most original Christian thinkers of the modern era, Karl Barth was a Swiss theologian who primarily emphasized on the sovereignty of God. In this regard, his perspectives can be considered as external. This secularism in the study of gods and religion was very inventive… View Article

Thinking critically simulation review

In our every day lives, we are called to have decisions every minute, even every second. The start of our day is merely our decision, and even our breathing is also controlled by our decision to be living another day. Our lives are affected by how we make it and the decisions that comprise our… View Article

Peer Review Analysis

Team A reviewed the papers of Crystal Thomas and Valerie Sanchez for our final team review. The previous two reviews provided the team members being evaluated with constructive criticism and acknowledgements of their success. The review process also provided the team members giving the reviews with insights into how to improve their assignments. This final… View Article

A paranormal Egyptian fantasy

Egyptian magic interpreted from hieroglyphs by a modern-day archaeological team activates ancient spells and rituals that will haunt them for the rest of their lives. _______________ The following is an example of book review brevity, but it says everything the reader wished to convey. 1) Mystery, magic, intrigue, and great attention to historical detail. ~~… View Article

Resistance to Change

Education and Communication can be used to make the employees aware of the change. As per the statistics workers normally resists because of insufficient, misleading or incorrect information (Williams & McWilliams 2010/2012). So to reduce these kinds of incorrect information, management should communicate well and explains and informed all the coming changes to the employees…. View Article