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High result

First of all, I prepare my working place and start my determination. All my measurements are recorded to the table above. The smallest graduation of the thermometer is 1 C. According to this, I take the absolute uncertainty of my temperature measurements as. I do not add additional uncertainty as I did not encounter any further… View Article

Results negatively

According to this result then, we must accept the null hypothesis that there is no significant association between the age of the children and the ability to conserve number. Discussion Having analysed the results, with the df of 5, the critical value for an alpha value of 0. 05 is 11. 07 and because our… View Article

Result produces movement

When our bodies require us to produce movement our brains have to provide our muscles with the signals to carry out the movement, this type of communication between the brain and the muscle is known as nerve impulses, these nerve pulses are electrical currents that travel from the central nervous system also known as the… View Article

Living In An Apartment

Finding a place to live, which is suitable for one’s family, is one concern of most families. The increase in population as well as the increase in land value and building costs, has resulted in the construction of many apartments especially in urban areas. There are some similarities as well as differences when we consider… View Article

Difference between functional and dysfunctional conflict

Functional Conflict Susie Steel is a vice president in a real estate development firm called Hearts Development. She has spent enormous amounts of energy cultivating a relationship with a local town regarding an available plot of land. Susie would like to purchase the land to build townhomes for sale. She has developed an excellent relationship… View Article