Resistance Essay Topics

Wire in another experiment

I will also make sure that I record the results immediately otherwise the wire will again overheat and the results will be distorted. The results for the second experiment are as follows: Length in cm Test 1 Test 2 Test 3 Amps Voltage Amps Voltage Amps Voltage The circled results are very inaccurate. Length in… View Article

The factor I have chosen to investigate

Metals conduct because these electrons can be pushed along by a power supply. Resistance comes about because the electrons in a wire continually collide with the stationary ions. So if there is a high resistance, electrons collide with the ions more, so less pass each point each second, so the current goes down. A longer… View Article

The length and width

This is due to the electron s for a long distance than before. Thus we say the resistance increases. When the width of the wire increases, the hindrance for the flow of electrons increases. Because the space through which electrons flow increases. Thus we say that the resistance decreases Preliminary Width of the wire (… View Article

The length of the wire

Affected by the length of the wire. I will be investigating by using three types of wire “Thin”, “Thick” and finally an even thicker wire then second time around. I will be also recording my results by taking down what the volt meter displays and what the Ammeter displays. I will be recording the results… View Article

Electrical conductor

This would increase the resistance of the wire. Another reason why the 60cm wire the highest resistance is that the ammeter and the voltmeter could have been read incorrectly. One reason why the 100cm wire and the 80cm wire had a smaller resistance than the 60cm wire is that the coils of wire could have… View Article

Effect of changing the temperature

Aim: Effect of changing the temperature on the resistance of a thermistor I am going to find out has the temperature effects the thermistor’ resistance in the circuit. Planning Method: 1) Clear the table and take off the needless thing 2) Use the wires to link all the equipment to complete the circuits. 3) Put… View Article

The Massive Resistance and how it Failed

After the supreme court case Brown v. Board of Education ruled that public schools in the United States were to be desegregated, Senator Harry S. Byrd of Virginia led a movement called the massive resistance, which aimed to prevent any sort of integration in the school system. Although at first the ruling in the case… View Article

Sports and Resistance in the United States

In his book entitled What’s My Name Fool? Sports and Resistance in the United States, author Dave Zirin presents a thought provoking and inviting glimpse look at the polluted industry of sports as well as the brilliant personalities who played significant roles in its history. The author utilizes the achievements of the black athletes and… View Article

Revolution and Resistance

The Price of Fire concerns itself with the near constant struggle of resistance of average Bolivians to colonialism. But this idea is not a simple one: colonialism, as well as resistance, continually take on different forms. This work seems to read as a travelogue more than a coherent understanding of history, but that makes it… View Article

Antimicrobial screening of Calabash

INTRODUCTION There are hundreds of plants worldwide that are known for its medicinal agents used in both traditional and modern medicine for many purposes that include bacterial and fungal infections (Obafemi Akinpelu Taiwoo Adeloye 2006). According to history, the use of plants in curing illnesses has been practiced since the human civilization began, and has… View Article

Wye-Delta Transformations

Abstract— on this experiment, analysis of resistive network by series-parallel circuits, the students will demonstrate the characteristics of series-parallel circuits by measuring and verifying the calculations of the resistance, voltage and current associated with the different resistive components of a series – parallel circuit. On this experiment, the students will also demonstrate the principle of… View Article

Overcoming Resistance to Change

Overcoming Resistance Resistance is a normal and a perfectly natural reaction to change. Each person has their own amount they can take, but the reasons behind why employees resist in the first place may be surprising. According to these experts, the fear of moving into an unknown future state creates anxiety and stress, even if… View Article