Research on Liquid Waste Management Essay

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Research on Liquid Waste Management

The topic we are selected for our research is “LIQUID WASTE MANAGEMENTS IN VAGAMON”. This topic has a wide scope for research. In order to conduct an exploratory research, we will start doing the location analysis. For that we will collect data on the population, households, population density, factories, labours, sanitation, water reserves…etc. Based on the data collected, we select a sample frame where the population density is high and which will be a true representative of vagamon as a whole. In order to find out the objectives of descriptive research, we will frame a questionnaire to find out the problems they are facing due to liquid wastes in their daily lives.

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Based on the similar answers, we will set the objectives for the descriptive study. Next step of exploratory research will be conducted inside the factory and its premises. We will frame a questionnaire for the factory personnel to be answered to find out the liquid wastes the factories are producing and how they are processed. Then we will be conducting an exploratory research among the people living in the factory premises and will find out how the liquid wastes affecting their lives. By integrating all data collected from factories, households, and the secondary data collected from the village authorities, we will set objectives for the descriptive research. The steps for our research is

1. Collect the details of households, population, factory’s from panchayat. 2. Collect the details about the existing rules & regulations followed by panchayat for controlling the liquid waste. 3. Collect the details about the existing sanitation facilities exist in households & factory’s.

The main objectives of our descriptive research are

1. To find out the various liquid waste management techniques presently using by the households and factory’s. 2. To know about the efficiency of current liquid waste management. 3. To know whether the waste water affect the public health. 4. To know about the opinion of people about the recycling of waste water.

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