Religious Essay Topics

The religious themes in the film Frankenstein

In this coursework, I will analyse and explain the religious themes in the film “Frankenstein”. I will talk about creation of man and life, death, evil and suffering. I will use the summary of the film and sentences from Bible and Koran as quotes to talk about the religious theme in Frankenstein. And also compare… View Article

Are women more religious than men

According to Miller and Hoffmann there is a belief that women are more likely to express greater interest in religion, have a stronger personal commitment and attend church more often. In my own experiences of church my mother my sister and I attend church regularly whilst my brother and father hardly ever attend church giving… View Article

Religious belief and organizations

Gender issues are a great importance in contemporary society and culture. Although they concern both men and women at present, gender studies are still mainly focused on women because women have been voiceless for so long. Feminism see religion as a product of patriarchy as it only serves the interest of men. Jean holm argues… View Article

Religious participation

Women are more likely to attend church, and more likely to say they belong to a church, therefore their religiosity emphasises commitment and membership (Jacklin 1970’s) however this point was criticised by early feminist who believe women also have a strong religious belief and its absurd to say their religiosity only extents to commitment and… View Article

A religious or moral issue

Analyse and explain the way in which a religious or moral issue of concern to Christians has been dealt with in a television soap opera The moral issue that I have chosen to follow is adultery, which is when a married person has voluntary sexual intercourse with other married or not married people, rather than… View Article

Religious beliefs

In What Pragmatism Means, James writes that the central point of his own doctrine of truth is, in brief, that “truth is one species of good, and not, as is usually supposed, a category distinct from good, and coordinate with it. Truth is the name of whatever proves itself to be good in the way… View Article

Religious Initiates

Arnold Friend uses Connie’s insecurities to make her come to him. First of all Arnold uses the word “Don’tcha” when asking Connie questions. If Connie answers no she seems stupid. Tt forces her to constantly agree with what Arnold is saying or asking. Connie is a normal teenage girl and is concerned about her looks…. View Article

Religious Dissent, Discord, Settlement and Religious

This section of the paper introduces the topic and the thesis. In support of the formation of the thesis, the introduction discusses a brief history of the Tudor reign, and how prior monarchies have created religious divisions within the English society. The introduction enumerates the main concerns surrounding the topics of religious dissent, discord, settlement… View Article

Extended Definition of the Word Religious

When defining a word, a simple step to take is get a dictionary and it will surely help someone whose problem is grasping for the meaning of a particular word. And as one reaches for a dictionary to determine a word’s definition, observation has to be taken with regards to the word’s denotation/s (direct meaning)… View Article

Importance of Uttarayan

Shivya: Hi Shivam, how is your uttarayan going? Shivam: Very nice. How about you? Shiyya: Enjoying. But I do not know why uttarayan is celebrated. Can you lighten me? Shivam: Well shivya there is more to Uttarayan than just holding a string and a kite. Let us today understand the religious aspect of Uttarayan. Het… View Article

Religious beliefs

Humans have been, for ages, found themselves being challenged to do what is just and right. However, this idealism is often created out of confirming with one’s society. Each society has its own culture, principles, traditions, politics and religious beliefs. One’s act of good deed may be considered the opposite in the eyes of a… View Article

Religious diversity

A portion of chapter three talks about religious diversity wherein despite the domineering European immigrants taking part in Protestant belief during the time of colonization some were still generally not expressive about their faith or religion. Some people still keep their beliefs and practices private, if they have any such beliefs or affiliations to religious… View Article

What is tolerance?

In everyday language people used the term “tolerance” to signify that attitude of those who put up with ideas or behavior of others which persons do not agree with or of which persons do not approve. In history of thinking, the term for tolerance has also acquired a more specific and somewhat of a different… View Article

Contribution in Religious

Shāh Walīullāh was born in 1703, four years before the death of Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. His genealogy can be traced back to the family of ‘Umar ibn al-Khattab. He received a structured education and spiritual instruction at the madrasa (religious school) established by his father, Shah ‘Abd al-Rahim, at Delhi. Along with the Qur’an, he… View Article