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Religion and Individualism

Different countries have different cultures, traditions and values. They represent the image of the nation, people’s mentality, how they think and behave, and what they strive for and struggle for. With the help of them we judge of what is important in life of a person, of a nation, of a country. America is not…

Prostitution: Brothel and Strong Religion

Social effects that usually happens to individuals is that individuals will continue to be involved with symptoms of brothels. Future individuals will be destroyed by evil issues. Among them are regarded by society despised around. Usually prostitutes will be isolated when not whore himself due to age, health and others. In the family, the prostitutes…

Hawthorne’s Motives for Writing the Scarlett Letter

Hawthorne’s motives for writing The Scarlet Letter were to expose corruption in Puritan society, religion, and politics. Hawthorne demonstrates both corruption and hypocrisy in Puritan society as the townspeople and even the Governor wear her embroidery, yet banish her and ostracize her as an outcast and a sinner. The town buys her clothes for an…



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Islam a Religion of Peace

And then there is the question of characterizing Islam as “peaceful” and doing so under duress. That is, when you are being pursued and hounded by people who brand you as totally irrational and uncontrollably violent. So, you have a knee-jerk reaction, purely defensive and purely self-protective and blurt out that you are a “peaceful…


Communalism arises among the society when a particular religious or sub-religious group tries to promote its own interests at the expense of others. In simple terms, it can be defined as to distinguish people on the basis of religion. Divide and Rule Policy of the British: The British rulers adopted the policy of ‘Divide and…

Religion as a Tool of Control

“Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people” (Marx 260). This statement implies that religion is a powerful concept that encourages people to accept their conditions instead of revolting against their plight. Indeed in the wrong…

Phenomenology and the Eucharistic Mass

In the study of communications, reaching a common consensus on how to apply a shared and common understanding of communications seems to be a near impossible task. After being introduced to the seven traditions of communications by Craig in his essay “Communication Theory as a Field”, I choose to explore the tradition he categorizes as…

World Religions

In the period of the 3rd century CE, China was going through major turmoil during the collapse of the Han Dynasty. Throughout and after this collapse, the population of Asian countries became increasingly Buddhist, creating tumult within the Chinese Confucian political philosophy system. In society at this time, Buddhism was viewed in many opposing ways….

Jesus and Mohammad

Religion is the food for the soul, a type of food that never spoils or depreciates. It is the vessel of life, a vessel that is unbreakable and never shudders even from the most destructive outside force. It is the cup of morality, the one that shapes our character and personality. With these different views,…

Christianity and Hinduism

I wanted to compare Hinduism to Christianity. I did not know anyone around here so I contacted a family member that lives in the Philippines. His wife’s family fallows Hinduism. I interviewed them over the Internet through video chat. That was very interesting. I had to have my family member translate to me somethings. But…

Role of Religion in Centralization of Nation States

Religion was a major factor in the centralization of territories into modern nation states. Religion was crucial in the development of the modern nation state because of it’s ability to be a unifying characteristic. Religion also created common enemies which allowed groups with different religious views separate into individual states that be far more likely…

Celebration of the Feast of the Black Nazarene in the Philippines

Living in the Philippines where the religion of majority is Catholic, I am used to seeing people participate in almost every occasion relating to religion. Though I am not a Catholic, I admire them when it comes to their dedication and willingness to sacrifice. Among all their religious practices, the Celebration of the Feast of…

New Religions

Present essay studies how new religions are born in the context of social, cultural and intellectual relations between people. The analysis addresses the origins of three Abrahamic religions: Christianity, Judaism and Islam to trace their origins, historical and social needs that drove their development and intrinsic ties with their predecessors. The thesis is defended that…

American Colonies

The journey to America by Christopher Columbus in 1492 marked a new path for explorers from all over the world. England was one of those countries to explore the Newfoundland and settled into colonial America. By the 1700’s, Britain’s settlers divided into three distinct cultures within America. The New England, Middle, and Southern colonies were…

Relationship Between Religious Beliefs

‘The relationship between religious beliefs, religious organisations and social groups is complex and diverse. Different groups have different needs and priorities.’ To what extent do sociological arguments and evidence support this view? Statistics show that women have a greater participation rate in religious organisations than men. Women are more likely to express a greater interest…

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