Relationship Essay Topics

Prospero and Ariel

  She just wants to be. This is why I want Lady Macbeth to show her emotions quite clearly when she is telling the spirits to take her emotional ways. I want her to be yelling these things and perhaps crying as she says to take all these things away from her. As soon as… View Article

What makes a good Relationship?

A good relationship is the result of hard work. My mother used to say, “Two heads are better than one, and behind every man there is always a woman. ” Having a good relationship with one’s partner is the greatest gift anyone could ever ask for, although it is not easy to find that one… View Article

Marco’s relationship

Marco’s relationship with Eddie changes throughout Act one; at the beginning, Marco and Eddie seem to get on with each other well. However, this alters when Marco notices that Eddie is humiliating Rodolfo and, being Rodolfo’s brother, Marco stands up for him and tries to show Eddie up instead. This occurs when Eddie begins his… View Article

Shakespeare’s development of the relationship

In this play, the main characters are Petruchio, an arrogant and chauvinist male, and Katherina, a feisty and hostile female, or in other words, the shrew. The theme throughout the play is Petruchio trying to change Katherina from being quick tempered, to being a better wife who responds to his authority, and by doing this… View Article

Exploring the relationship between Eddie and Catherine

Exploring the relationship between Eddie and Catherine as it develops throughout the play ‘A View from the Bridge’ is a play centred around the life and loves of one man: Eddie Carbone. As the play develops, we see his personality become twisted, all because of the arrival of his wife’s distant cousins. When Eddie finally realises… View Article

Pip and Joe’s relationship

But the main turning point for the relationship of these two characters is when he is told by Mr. Jaggers, lawyer who defends Magwitch, Magwitch orders him to keep track of Pip’s finances. Jaggers serves as Pip’s guardian during his time in London. Pip moves to London and makes new friends and lives a different… View Article

Pip and Estella

Chapter 33 opens with Pip again showing how obsessed he is with Estella. He says however, “even in my eyes” suggesting that he realises that he sees her in a better light than anybody else for example Herbert says in chapter 22: “She’s a Tartar”. Pip notices a change in her mannerisms in this visit,… View Article

Beatrice and Eddie

At the beginning of the play, it is clear that the relationship between Beatrice and Eddie is comfortable and affectionate. This is shown when Eddie reassures her saying: ‘you’re saving their lives what’re you worryin’ about the table cloth? ,’ as she is worried about the cousins arrival and the state of the house. He… View Article

Holmes and Watson

Holmes requires Watson for companionship, for company, but more importantly as a sort of bodyguard, someone who will protect him. We have already seen, for example, how Holmes always lets Watson take the gun, for he himself does not want to be directly involved in any sort of violence. Holmes also bounces all of his… View Article

The VIctim and Victmizer

“We read five words on the first page of a really good novel and we begin to forget that we are reading printed words on a page; we begin to see images.” These were the word spoken by John Gardner and describe exactly what a reader goes through in Miller’s “Death of a Salesman.” A… View Article

Bounce height when a ball is dropped

There maybe the odd factor of staying away from units and corners of tables as you could have a nasty head accident since you could be leaning down to record the results of the bounce height. But I am almost certain that nothing serious can happen unless stupid behaviour occurs. Items During this investigation some… View Article

The parent/child relationship

Compare and contrast the parent/child relationship in the “The Dolls Children” and “On Worms and Being Lucky” U A Fanthorpe expresses in many of her poems how relationships effect people from various points of view and some are through her own experiences of a child’s relationship with its parents. Two poems that focus on the… View Article

Relationship to Background Research

Researchers Dunbar and Waynforth (1995) carried out research into human differences in mate selection by focusing on 900 different lonely-hearts ads taken from four different American newspapers. The investigation aimed to see what characteristics males and females looked for in potential mates by analysing each ad and recording how each person described themselves and what… View Article

Esistance and conductive putty

The aim of this investigation is to find out the relationship between resistance and conductive putty, and to see how length of putty affects this relationship. The Experiment: Conductive putty is specially designed to be a conductor; this is achieved by adding carbon black. This can easily be used to prove the concept of resistivity… View Article

Bridge Discuss the complex relationship between Eddie and Catherine

The play is set in a slum area in Brooklyn.Between 1861 and 1920, 30 million people immigrated into America. Many people settled by the ports as there was a steady supply of work from the ships and Eddie Carbone is one of these longshoremen. Eddie is the forceful, irrational protagonist with many complex emotions while his… View Article