Regulation Essay Topics

Monopoly – economics

A monopoly exists when it has total control over a particular market and controls the supply and demand for that particular good or service. An oligopoly is a structure of a market in which only a few companies own or control the industry There are natural monopolies in the economy as well which are necessary… View Article

Government Regulations and Standards That Affect the Policy and Target Population

Use the information you gathered for the Week Two assignment and research government regulations and standards that affect the policy and target population you chose. You can research your state’s legislative department or the Web sites listed in Appendix G, for example, for laws, regulations, and standards affecting human service organizations. Describe the current government… View Article

Decreased Regulation

The relaxation of regulation laws though the program would result to various positive trends within the region. This is because the program is targeting to streamline regulations systems in the continent, that is, from the traditional models of using forcing communities and other stakeholders into using mechanisms developed at regional level. Using this new program,… View Article

Government Intervention

The purpose of this report is to exemplify the role of government with the focus on the developing countries by answering the proposed question of Why do we need government intervention? and Why government intervention is necessary for the new economy? The first part of this report illustrates the essential roles of government in social,… View Article

Legal, Safety, and Regulatory Requirements

Abstract The workplace can be a very dynamic place; there are so many different people with all kinds of personalities. Because there are so many different personalities, there are different needs of safety which can create obstacles in the organization. This is where the Human Resource Department comes into play, they make sure that the… View Article

Strategic Plan: SWOTT Analysis

Manning Solutions opened their doors to customers in the fall of 2012, in Tampa Florida. Its purpose is to aid small companies, whose budgets do not allow them to obligate revenue to staff their own human resources department. Their services include hiring, maintaining personnel records, pay-roll, and complaints to name a few. The mission statement:… View Article

Analysis of Barclays Bank

Introduction The process of restructuring the telecommunication sector truly got under way in Cameroon in June 1995, when the authorities decided thoroughly to reform network industry sectors such as water, electricity and telecommunications with a view to creating a favourable environment in which to develop their infrastructure and services and thus to satisfy increasingly exigent… View Article

Organizational Performance Management

Each Learning Team member must select a different type of health care organization to study for the purpose of this group assignment. You are encouraged to select a different type of organization from the one chosen in the Week Three individual assignment but it’s not necessary. Group members compare their chosen organizations to complete the… View Article

Government Regulation

Government regulation in business today is vital because it attempts to create a level playing field for companies competing against one another and regulate honest business practices toward the consumers. It is important to for any business to understand how government regulation affects their industry and how they intend to run their company. Industrial regulation… View Article

Red Snapper Fishing Regulations

Recommendation to implement different regulations on Red Snapper fishing. Many people like myself, look forward each year to the overly exciting fishing season to catch the beloved snapper. Season dates along with size and possession limits are nothing new to the fisherman; but when a council decides to shrink a fishing season that is normally… View Article

Team Reflection: Principles and Strategies

In this week’s assignment Team C will discuss the principles and strategies of a small, medium, and large business in regard to each business operating in compliant with state and country laws. Whether a business is or simply expanding to a new state or country it is essential for each company to comply with the… View Article

Derivative market

INTRODUCTION The Indian Financial System is tasting success of a decade of financial sector reforms. The economy is surging and has gathered the critical mass to convert it into a force to reckon with. The regulatory framework in India has sparked growth and key structural reforms have improved the asset quality and profitability of banks…. View Article

Sarbanes-Oxley Act paper

“The paper describes the main aspects of the regulatory environment which will protect the public from fraud within corporations. It pays particular attention to SOX requirements and specifically evaluate whether SOX will be effective in avoiding future frauds” (University of Phoenix, 2014). Introduction “In the never ending battle against white collar crimes and corporate corruption,… View Article

Organizational Performance Management Table

After you have completed your individual research on your chosen type of health care organization, collaborate with your Learning Team to complete this table. Then, refer to this table as you collaborate to write your paper. Include this table as an appendix to your paper. Fill in the necessary information in each cell, but be… View Article

Mattel and Toy Safty

In 2007, the Mattel toy company recalled around 20 million of its toy products do to contamination of lead in the paint and safety issues dealing with parts of its products (magnets) that was manufactured in China. The Mattel Company is considered the “global leader’ in toy manufacturing with over 30,000 people employed in over… View Article