Reformation Essay Topics

The Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) Economic Systems Reformation

In recent years, developing countries have been transformed from very low economic development to being among the highest ranked economically developed states. Examples include Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC). This economic growth has been realized due to the adoption of the market socialism structures from their earlier systems which were centrally planned. Besides, a… View Article


The Reformation is a broad term used to describe the period of time beginning around 1500 A. D. extending through the mid-seventeenth century, with roots dating back to around the fourteenth century. Society was in something of an upheaval at the time and the church was faced persistent heresy. A wave that would become known… View Article

What was the importance of the Council of Trent

It is understandable that five hundred years worth of corruption could not be removed in the immediate short term after the Council of Trent, but the Council did indeed try to end such problems and it certainly reaffirmed the Catholic faith. It may have taken many years before the effects of Trent had success on… View Article

“The Puritan Dilemma’ by Edmund S. Morgan

Puritanism, superficially thought to be a belief in which the Church of England should be removed from Catholicism and its hierarchy, demands more of the individual than the church. It demanded the faith, strength, and determination to please God. The Puritan Dilemma, by Edmund S. Morgan, is the biography of John Winthrop, a Puritan who… View Article