Reform Essay Topics

The ManCom as Facilitator of Reforms

The school depends much on the political will of the Management Committee as the implementer and facilitator of reforms in the school. Parallel leadership is an ideal concept and through Project IDEAS with the integration of other strategies, the reforms will be successful. The ManCom is provided the authority to make policy decisions. It has… View Article

The Different Aspects of Protestant Reformation

Beginning in 1517, a reform movement was established under the Roman Empire, regarding the Protestant Reformation. The reform targeted cultural, economic, political and religious aspects of Protestantism. It was in 1648 when it ended in Peace of Westphalia. The primary protagonist of the Protestant Reformation was Martin Luther, a monk from Germany, who began the… View Article

French University Reform

It is on Thursday eight of November when the professor arrived to teach in one of higher institution of learning to find only four out of a class of approximately fifty students sited in the classroom waiting for their right to education. But again to the astonishment of the lecturer the door had been locked… View Article

Economic Reform

Many diverse countries such as Poland, Ghana and Jamaica have been forced to borrow money from the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) under the structural adjustment programs. The main goals of these economic reforms comprise of need to reduce both rural and urban poverty need to increase exports as well as induce… View Article

High Stakes Test

In January 2008, former President Bush signed the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLBA) with the intention of improving the education system (Wrightslaw, 2009). The reform law mandated states to create and implement annual standardized tests to measure reading and math skills of students from grades three to eight (James, 2008b). Until today, however, the… View Article

Reform Commission

The difference existing in laws pertaining to security interests, such as security deposit, financial receivables, factoring, assignment of future income-stream in project finance and refining transaction, security interests on insurance policies, tort receivables and deposit accounts, all these have posed the difficulty in the international trade and peaceful resolution of cases of conflict arising from… View Article

Health Care Reform Recommendations

The topic of heath care reform is a highly debatable one. Many different organizations have diverse ideas on what is essential to ensure a successful healthcare system is developed in the United Sates. After reading recommendations to advance health care reform from the Mayo Clinic’s (2008), The Wall Street Journal’s Health Care CEO Council (2008),… View Article

The Comparison of Tyack and Dewey

In your own words, summarize each chapter in Tyack and Cuban’s Tinkering Toward Utopia. Write one sentence for each chapter in your own words. Do not include any quotations. Prologue: Learning from the Past Reformers today need to focus on ways to help teachers improve instruction from the inside out. Chapter 1: Progress or Regress? Progress… View Article

Economics Land Reform

Lesson on LAND REFORM Land Reform – refers to the full range of measures that maybe taken to improve or remedy the defects in the relations among men with respect to their rights in Land. – Integrated set of measures designed to eliminate obstacles to economic and social development arising out of defects in the… View Article