Reflection Essay Topics

Reflection about the discomfort

When I met a stranger at a party, I said to myself I wouldn’t be shy. I told him my life story and my opinions within 10 minutes of meeting him. How odd it seemed. And finally he escaped from me. This was not a good start of a relationship, from that I learned self-disclosure… View Article

Romeo and Juliet reflects

How far dose Romeo and Juliet reflects the highs and lows of being young? Young “in an early stage of progress or development; not far advanced” being a teenager people automatically think cheeky, rude and don’t have any respect for other’s. That is the reputation us teenagers have, it ant all good being young you don’t… View Article

Reflective Journal

In our daily lives, we usually encounter statistics and deals with its essential terms. It is a branch of mathematics that deals with the collection, organization, and analysis of numerical data and with such problems as experiment design and decision making. A step by step approach with the aim to equip every student with its… View Article

The Personal Analytical Paper

Often times, I find myself sitting alone, reading a book or enjoying a cup of coffee. Sometimes I could sit for hours in a coffee shop just by myself. I contemplate on the things that are going on in my life. I think of the issues and problems that are bothering me. I try to… View Article

Response to Stuart Keisman’s Reflection

I agree with what Stuart wrote about people using unique methods when they speak. Everybody does have their own, individual way of speaking, and this results from people’s personal character, combined with the environment that they were raised in. I have noticed this myself, but it also seems that people speak in different manners when… View Article

Freedom to comment reflection

There was a time that I, along with other members of a group, was discussing about whether or not to exclude one of our classmates from our group project for school as he has not contributed anything to the completion of the project because he had a persisting illness. Most of the members of our… View Article

Games at Twilight

Niccolo Machiavelli the Italian dramatist, historian, and philosopher emphasizes “He who blinded by ambition, raises himself whence he cannot mount higher, must thereafter fall with the greatest loss.” Machiavelli believes aspiring too hard ultimately results in failure. People may fall and not be able to regain self-confidence. Also, if people do not believe in their… View Article

On running after one’s hat by G. K. Chesterton

I feel an almost savage envy on hearing that London has been flooded in my absence, while I am in the mere country. My own Battersea has been, I understand, particularly favoured as a meeting of the waters. Battersea was already, as I need hardly say, the most beautiful of human localities. Now that it… View Article

Reflective Account Guide

The word reflective or reflection is derived from the word reflect. The Oxford dictionary meaning of reflect is “to think carefully and deeply about something”. The word “reflective” is an adjective used to describe the kind of report or writing you are required to submit for your Diploma. Therefore a reflective account can be understood… View Article

Oh the Places You’ll Go Reflection

It’s a person’s choice of which path they want to take in the future but without help they can choose the wrong path. As Dr. Seuss said in his poem” I’m sorry to say so but, sadly, it’s true and Hang-ups can happen to you.” My Perspective is that careers is a very important course… View Article

Reflective Learning

1. In your answer, identify the main lines of argument and differences in points of view between the commentators and the author. Justify your own point of view regarding the importance of reflection to individual and organisational performance. DiChiara (2002) states that there are a multitude of companies that seek to create an environment where… View Article

Reflection Essay

Reflection is a key part of human existence serves as a way people reconsider and contemplate in order to grow in life and move forward. Whether it is re-assessing the choice to have a burger for lunch, or thinking about last year’s trip to Paris, human beings naturally examine events of the past and their… View Article

Be Able To Improve Performance Through Reflective Practice

3. Establish a process to evaluate the effectiveness of the plan Lifelong learning is a major part in growth and empowerment with a personalised action plan which is designed to help achieve your goals .The personal development plan should be regularly evaluated, actions agreed and changes made if required. As the plan develops the SMART… View Article

Final Reflection

1. Upon embarking on writing about my Autobiography/Self-Discovery piece, I did not really expect it to become an enlightening journey of introspection. For me, it was a typical school day and I was just about to do a requirement. The incident I cited in my writing piece happened way before and yet I never forgot… View Article

Intergration and reflection

This is a reflection paper in partial fulfillment of the course math 101 module 6. It is my evaluation for the entire course in terms of strengths, ability, knowledge and how I can implement or relate to them on a day to day life. The challenges I met along the way and what I would… View Article