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Recruitment and selection Essay

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Recruitment and selection

As a human resource manager of my interior designing company, I am responsible for recruiting new employees for the company. Recruitment is the process of attracting individuals in sufficient numbers and with appropriate qualifications to apply for jobs. Finding the appropriate candidates for a specific job is extremely important when a firm needs to hire employees and I as the human resource manager can attain this by using the most productive sources and using the most suitable recruitment methods.

Vacancies in a company usually come up due to various reasons; for example if a member of staff is retires, or quits, passes away or even someone being sacked. In this case, we are expanding the firm and a new branch is being opened in another city. I have already filled some vacancies with current employees but this has left a few gaps, which need to be filled. Filling some of the vacancies with the current employees has not only benefited the firm but the employees too.

A number of employees have been promoted in the process and those who haven’t although are disappointed still feel that there will be other career opportunities in the near future and are therefore inspired. I am hoping too that these internal promotions will attract better candidates when they see that there is a chance of career advancement in this firm. Hiring the current employees has also been beneficial to the company as the supervisors have already trained many of these employees and the firm is well aware of their capabilities making it easier to allocate the jobs.

However the firm must also look beyond its borders in order to expand its workforce. Even when promotions are made internally, some jobs, most especially the low position jobs must be filled from external sources. For instance if the President in my firm retires, a series of internal promotions will be made, but we will still have to recruit externally to fill the low position jobs. Some of the current employees have turned down their promotions because they are already established and cannot afford to move their families, which is understandable because this would not only affect the employee but the whole family. However, external candidates are more mobile, thus, solving that problem, and by recruiting externally, the firm may also acquire some skills that the current employees don’t possess.

Anyhow, recruiting external candidates is not an easy task. It is much more expensive than internal recruitment, the most obvious expenses being advertising, recruitment and training, together with the cost of training and supervisory time. Well, after weighing the

options, and exploring the details of the job openings and person specifications, I have decided to go ahead and fill the remaining vacancies with external candidates.

To recruit effectively, a human resource manager must know where and how to find qualified applicants. There are numerous sources for filling job vacancies like hiring candidates from high schools and vocational schools, graduates and post graduates, job agencies, recruitment consultants etc. nevertheless, I have decided on On-line recruitment

because is far cheaper and faster than traditional press advertising and employment agencies. There is more available space compared to using the traditional media. This means I can give more information about your vacancies and the company, including company values, employee profiles, the job requirements, the pay and benefits, promotion prospects etc. The Internet offers candidates access to enormous amounts of information on relocation expenses, which can be very helpful to a professional considering a job change.

However, a large number of unqualified individuals respond to the internet advertisements thus increasing the possibilities of poor selection and wastage of time. In this case, I am expecting letters of application and CV’s from all the candidates. A CV is a documentation that summarises the applicant’s educational and academic backgrounds as well as other information relevant to the position you being applied for. After receiving the letters of applications and CV’s, we can choose the best contenders and invite them for interviews. Carrying out job interviews is a very critical part of recruitment.

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