Racial Essay Topics

Ethnic and Racial Studies

In the next decade Herzl was to arrive at the same analysis in- dependently, for he did not know of the existence of Pinsker’s work when he wrote The Jewish State. In his diary, and on several public occasions, Herzl, indeed, made the beau geste of saying that he would not have written his book… View Article

Racial, Gender, And Sexual Oriention Micro Aggressions

The three types of micro aggression are racial micro aggression, gender micro aggression, and sexual orientation micro aggression. Racial micro aggression consists of subtle insults which can be verbal, nonverbal, or visual directed towards people of color, often automatically or unconsciously. It is a subtle form of racism. Racial micro aggression can take a number… View Article

Racial Formation in the United States

Based on Omi and Winants discussion, we can say that racial formation is an ever changing process in which an individual or a group of people are classified as to what is their social status and classification in the society with reference to the present societal, economic, and political condition. A process that we might… View Article

Racial disparity

Prevalence of racial disparity in the criminal justice system is most troubling and critical problem for criminal justice executives as it directly affects the people. The safety and liberty of American people depend on integrity of American justice system but racial discrimination in the criminal justice system impairs this integrity, which in turn harms American… View Article

Brazilian Racial Politics

The reading provided, extracted from Orpheus and Power by Michael George Hanchard, critiques the Race vs. Class Paradigm that is widespread in the Brazilian society. By weaving together some works of the more renowned analysts and sociologists of the topic, he highlights two main things: firstly, the salient points of their claims and secondly, the… View Article

Racial Achievement Gap in the United States

The racial achievement gap in the United States is the educational disparities between various ethnic groups. It is more manifests in African-America and Hispanic. These ethnic groups happen because students of those race are more likely to receive low grade in school, on their standardize test, even drop out of high school and is less… View Article