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Inspector’s questions

Eric is not even as caring as Gerald was, he abused his power as a man, taking advantage of her vulnerability and getting her pregnant. He then proceeded to try and make up for his wrong doing by stealing money from his fathers business to help support her. On finding out what he was doing,… View Article

Answer each of the following questions

While doing research on black holes for a paper for a research skills class, you find two articles. Explain which article would be the best one to include in your bibliography for your research paper and why. Be sure to look at the type of information you would expect to find in each article and… View Article

Questions and Applications

The current financial crisis has many parallels with what happened to Enron in the early part of the decade. Although the hazards associated with overpaid executives, unethical practices and lack of accountability were clearly illustrated by the Enron Crisis; little was done to prevent the repetition of such behaviors. As a result, similar malfeasance, hubris… View Article

Sprayer and Probability Questions

1. A real estate office has been averaging 1.8 sales per day for the past several months. What is the probability that the office will make 4 sales today? .0723 2. A washing machine in a Laundromat breaks down an average of two times per month. What is the probability that the machine will break… View Article

General Educational Development Questions

1.Why are dogs mans best friends? Dogs are called mans best friend for many reasons. For hundreds of years, dogs have been friendly, loyal and protective of their human owners. For just as many years, dogs have accepted the love and affection of humans and have been greeting them with a wag of the tail… View Article

Section 7 Study Questions

Answer each question fully. Complete sentences are not necessary. Lesson 1 (3.0 points) 1. What is a lifestyle? (0.5 points)-The way in which a person or group lives. 2. What is the process of earning your income sometimes called? (0.5 points)-Wages, salaries, or work is the process of earning your income. 3. Name at least… View Article