Quality Essay Topics

Quality care

Barbara Tizard (1977) when studying children who had been institutionalised for the first few years of their lives and then adopted, found that most of the children in the study had no problems in developing normal attachments towards their adoptive families. Tizard’s view in contrast to Bowlby’s was that early deprivation experiences in childhood do… View Article

Development of Quality players

On a performance perspective, the LTA stated some �7.3m has been spent on delivering the LTA Performance programme. This is set to provide financial support to more than 600 talented youngsters aged 8 to 21 years old. (LTA, 2002) The performance programme is constituted of six stages. Initially beginning with Mini-tennis (4 – 8 year… View Article

Usefulness of Statistical Quality Control in the Workplace

Abstract  DEF Tours is a franchise company that operates within the group tourism business. The core of its business is designing tours to the specific requirement of the customer group. It has five franchisee units in operation, spread throughout the UK. Over the past six months the company has experienced some problems in relation to… View Article

Analysis on Quality Improvement in Federal Prison

Introduction In the light of establishing a furnished description of the subject tackled on this paper — quality improvement (QI) is an organized approach to planning and implementing continuous improvement in performance. Although QI holds promise for improving quality of care and patient safety, federal prisons that adopt QI often struggle with its implementation. This… View Article

Total Quality Management

Management of sustainable performance results is quite a challenging task and should be based on comprehensive, historic approach to performance improvement and management (prof Zairi, 2005) .For good results to be obtained by a company there are some tasks that its managers has to do, for example all the organization function need to be integrated… View Article

Total Quality Management Paper

Total quality management-or as commonly known as TQM is an approach that an organization focuses on quality of products and services through its management style in order to ensure that it realizes its missions and vision. This management style was initially created by the Japanese. This was done so as to ensure that their corporations… View Article

Value of Quality to Customer Satisfaction

Organizations always need to show and work on quality wherein it sets the categories for the expectations in performance (Dew, 1998, introduction section). The total quality management plan will be observed in a government organization. Just like the other organizations such as in manufacturing, a community, or non-profit organization, quality is met whenever the goal… View Article

Total Quality management programs

While Total Quality Management has proven to be an effective process for improving organizational functioning, its value can only be assured through a comprehensive and well thought out implementation process. The purpose of this paper is to outline key aspects of implementation to large scale organizational change which may enable a practitioner to move thoughtfully… View Article

Total Quality Management at Family Businesses

Nelton (1993) in her article, “The benefits that flow from quality – Total Quality Management – Family Business,” published in Nation’s Business, describes two family-owned businesses that have thrived as a result of a Total Quality Management.  Fellows Manufacturing Co. is an international company making $175 million every year and employing 1,000 people worldwide; while… View Article

Total Quality Management Case

Total Quality Management (TQM), is a management philosophy that gained its momentum in the 1980’s. W. Edwards Deming, Joseph Juran, and Kaoru Ishikawa are the founders who set forth the fundamentals of total quality management. In a matter of a decades time total quality management turned into a social movement and gained a significant level… View Article

Total Quality Management

INTRODUCTION The level of risk and uncertainties in operation of contemporary business requires that managers of businesses come up with unique decision-making that will bring about strategies, which their rivals would find difficult to imitate. This will position them in a vintage point of curving a niche over their competitors. Information technology is a useful… View Article

Total Quality Management

To do this you will need to examine the standards that underpin the service or product, looking in particular at the extent to which: They meet the expectations of the variety of customers ,service users and other stakeholders who need and value the service The are understood and accepted by staff They are realistic and… View Article

TQM in Academic Environment

Abstract Total Quality Management was originally a concept coined in the late 1800s and early 1900s. This concept sought continuous improvement in performance, laying a lot of emphasis on the customers. A lot of organizations and military institutes started implementing the principles and integrating them within their entirety. Very soon, people started debating on the… View Article

Reflective Paper: Quality Systems, Control and Motivation

Identify functional and dysfunctional control systems within your own organization. Dell believes that an effective strategy for improving quality and that it has achieved results in their organizations. The enterprise faces several issues on the road to long-term continuous improvement. This list of causes provides a checklist of organizational barriers which represent ongoing quality struggles… View Article

Total Quality Management (TQM)

Total Quality Management (TQM) has been defined as a management approach which seeks long term success by focusing on satisfaction of the customer. The key to TQM is participation of all members of the organization who are involved in enhancing efficiency of the processes, improvement of products and the services. It has thus a total… View Article