Puerto Rico Essay Examples

Sports And Games

?Sports and Games are essential for many reasons. They not only help us to maintain good health but also foster friendship and goodbehaviour. Many people think that the aim of sports and games is to win gold medals in olympic games. That is not at all important. what is important is that every boy and… View Article

USA and Puerto Rico

It is a matter of fact that USA is one of the most powerful countries situated in North America, whereas Puerto Rico is only the territory of the USA, although with a status of Commonwealth. Puerto Rico is situated in the northeastern Caribbean. It is necessary to underline that the nature of political debates between… View Article

Puerto Rico

The most magnificent place I’ve ever been is Puerto Rico. With its breath taking landscapes and the calm serenity of the ocean; Puerto Rico is one of the most relaxing and gorgeous places I’ve ever been. The mixes of several different Latin styles play a huge role in not only the music and dancing of… View Article

The 1950’s American Dream

In the 1950’s, the “American dream” was originated around the idea that anyone could have the opportunity to achieve more success than in their countries of origin; for others, it was the opportunity to become an individual without the constraints imposed by class, race, and ethnicity. In the 1950’s, the foundation of the American dream… View Article

Native Americans

Native Americans were the first people living in the United States until Europeans arrived, sought to colonize and take over. During this time, Native Americans were subjugated to warfare, new government and losing their lands. Forced to submit to White settlers, many Native Americans have had to choose between assimilating into a White culture or… View Article

The Native American

Native Americans are an indigenous people throughout the world, simply misunderstood and ill-treated for centuries (Scheafer, 2012). History tells us, Native Americans were subject to land theft, controlled by others, and resistance to governance. This discrimination goes back to Christopher Columbus. He and his followers showed true hatred toward the Indian Nation. Europeans moved to… View Article

American Dream

In the literatures we have read this semester all of the characters have a dream that consists of a plan and multiple goals that sum up to the American Dream, however, there have been obstacles that sometimes hinder these American dreams. These obstacles range from internal conflict to society itself. The question is if it… View Article

America (West Side Story)

Introduction This document is the lyrics of the song America extracts from the movie West Side Story. This movie is a musical directed by Jerome Robbins and Robert Wise in 1961. It sets in NY in the 50’s. It deals with a confrontation between two rival gangs : the Jets (american) and the Sharks (Portorican)…. View Article

Puerto Ricans and black Americans

In his memoir “Down These Mean Streets”, Piri Thomas searches for belonging in the racially stratified American nation of the 1940’s and 1950’s. Thomas explores how his race as well as his physical appearance compels him to seek identification with black Americans. Throughout the narrative Piri struggles with his father’s privileging of whiteness and rejection… View Article