Publishing Essay Examples

Internet Critique

Internet is an incredible and enormous source of information and, thereby, information searched on Internet must be evaluated for credibility to effectively serve the variety of users. This paper provides a critique of the website “Healthline”, according to the criteria of Thede and Sewell (2010). Healthline is one of the popular website among Internet users,… View Article

Response Paper

The authors main argument is that the underclass ideology which says that the black underclass is a worthless, unwise, indiscriminate reproductive source of  an unproductive poor class of America as against the  affluent white American society, is actually a “distraction from the fact that poor urban African Americans are the ones who cannot find jobs… View Article

Thunder from the Sea

The story of Joan Hiatt Harlow’s Thunder from the Sea (2004) revolves around a 13 year-old boy named Tom Campbell and a dog-called Thunder. Tom has been an orphaned since the age of 3, which is why he has never experience belonging in a family. On the other hand, Thunder was lost at sea during… View Article

Transformation Of American Psyche Through Bush

Very few leaders today cause as many strong feelings as President Bush.  It seems that in his years leading the United States, people either view his leadership with reverence or repulsion, but very few view him with indifference.  In a December 2006 Associated Poll, Americans showed how divisive the president’s leadership is by not only… View Article

Drew Sterling to replace Josh Newly In upcoming concerts

The City Symphony will be showcasing the upcoming talents of Drew Sterling in the next two concerts. Mr. Sterling replaces the internationally renowned singer, Josh Newly. While Mr. Newly’s talents have been greatly appreciated in past concerts, the City Symphony has decided to utilize this opportunity to allow Drew Sterling to shine in both concerts… View Article

Steps Involved in Writing a Research Paper

Writing a research paper involves a great deal of revision. Writing a research paper begins well before you put pen to paper. Define your topic, zero in on a specific angle then dig for information by going through books, magazines, relevant websites and in-person interviews. This will provide the meat for your document. A well-written… View Article

The Boston Photograph By Nora Ephron

In Nora Ephron’s essay “The Boston Photographs,” she argues that readers should be provided with raw footage of what is really going on in the world around us on newspapers, even if the photographs are those of death of people. Nora Ephron writes about three very controversial pictures of a rescue attempt that failed in… View Article

Walker Books Profit Planning Exercise

Along with his brothers, Ramsay Walker ‘inherited’ Walker Books (Walkers) from his father. Neither Ramsay nor his brothers had worked full-time in the business. He has spent the last few months becoming familiar with the business. Exhibit 1 highlights Walker and Company’s organizational structure. Ramsay held meetings with the senior staff as well as studying… View Article

Compare and Contrast with Marius

During the course of students’ educational careers we come across many assignments that require us to write an essay on a specific topic in which we use different writing methods and steps to develop a completed paper. To help students with their writings, Richard Marius, a very educated and well known writer has written an… View Article

Tips for Successful Students

Read Lake and von Baeyer’s article, “Tips for Successful Students.” Also, review the characteristics of a successful student as explained in the lecture. As you consider these, which is your strongest characteristic? Why? How will this characteristic help you to become a successful student in your program of study? While reading the “Tips for Successful… View Article

Research Article Analysis

This research article analysis is over the article Undergraduate student researchers, preferred learning styles, and basic science research: A winning combination which is published in the Clearing House Journal and written by Lori Woeste and Beverly Barham. This article can also be found in Week One Electronic Reserve Readings. In this analysis a summary of… View Article

Xerox: Book-in-Time

The break-even point for a Book-In-Time process cannot be measured in terms of time. Assuming the book can be manufactured to make a certain margin, there would be no need to sell a certain amount of books. The only cost that you could analyze using break-even would be the cost of the equipment needed to… View Article

Japanese fiction works are better than Western ones

Q:What kind of Japanese fiction works? A:This presentation is mostly about comics and animation produced in Japan, but it covers also TV Shows and movies Topic: Japanese fiction General Purpose: To persuade Specific Purpose: To persuade you that Japanese fiction is better than western fiction regarding comics, animation, movies and TV shows Thesis statement: Although… View Article

Using Office Equipment

Full access is free for premium users Different types of office equipment are used to more quickly and efficiently deal with all manner of administrative tasks. Equipment such as computer, photocopier, scanner, printer, fax machine and shredder. The computer often referred to as PC is used for the internet, communication such as e-mail or memo… View Article

Google Library Project

1) Who is harmed by the Library Project? Make a list of harmed groups, and for each group, try to devise a solution that would eliminate or less the harm. Publishing companies and authors are harmed by the Library Project because of the copyright infringements and royalties. Book stores and distributors would also be harmed… View Article