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Psychopath Essay Examples

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The Disturbing World of The Psychopaths

Nowadays the number of adults and adolescents who perpetrate violence and consider violence as normal in everyday life is swiftly gowning and it is terrible because values and beliefs about morality are distorted. The actions of adolescents seem meaningless and professionals often can’t understand and explain their motivation. Therefore, the book “Without Conscience: The Disturbing…


There have been many studies linking conduct disorder to antisocial personality disorder and sometimes to psychopathy as well. Conduct disorder appears in children and adolescents and involves behavior that violates rights of others and/or societal norms or rules. According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition (DSM-IV), the individual’s behavior must…

Essay on Psychopathology and Abnormal Psychology

One of the most controversial aspects of society throughout history can be seen in the way society views people with illnesses. Often times, people persecute their fellowmen just because they do not seem “normal” or they seem to “not belong” with the current society. These problems have led to the development of a branch of…



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Psychopathic behavior

Mike Tyson, or Iron Mike, the world’s youngest heavy weight boxing champion, has been involved in several problems with the law. A brief look at his life will show that it is possible that he is suffering from antisocial personality disorder or psychopathy. Mike was born in Brooklyn, New York on June 30, 1966. He…

Psychopathy Influences and Factors

Psychopathy has been around for hundreds of years and with a variety of names. In the early 1800s it was considered “moral insanity” and was based on the antisocial and nonconformity of individuals in society, but not necessarily criminal (Vitacco, Neuman & Jackson, 2005). Today, the same description holds true to some extent. Merriam-Webster (2008)…

Jack Unterweger: A Psychopath?

Jack Unterweger was a serial killer whose life after incarceration poorly pointed indications that he killed someone. Although he was a charming man, Jack was sent to prison for killing a prostitute. People would respond to him accordingly (Ramsland, 2008), making the investigators suspect that he used his charm to get a parole. Amazingly, Jack…

Frederick Clegg – A Study in Psychopathy

Throughout the whole book Frederick enjoys his loneliness which occurred due to his abnormal upbringing. Fredericks was guided through life by his uncle whom he sincerely adored and who has become his spiritual life leader. Frederick deeply suffered after his death and didn’t manage to build such strong relationships that he used to have before….

Psychopathy Case Study

Psychopathy is a personality disorder it’s also known as sociopathic personality or psychopathic personality or antisocial personality disorder. Psychopaths can’t be understood in terms of antisocial rearing or development. Sadly they are seen as “Monsters” in our society. They are unstoppable and untreatable predators whose violence is planned, purposeful and even emotionless. The violence continues…

Filipino Psychology: on Spirituality, Homosexuality, Psychopathology

Psychopathology is said to be the deviation of an individual’s behavior as compared to the norms of the society. It is classified into two—neurosis and psychosis. In a third world country like ours, it is a fact that poor people outnumber the rich ones, that’s why most Filipinos are prone to having problems, especially economic/financial…

Violence and Murder, the Killer Psychopath

Abstract The violence of murders committed by diagnosed psychopaths has never failed to shock both criminal enforcers and civilians alike. Psychologists, biologists and sociologists have all presented their ideas and theories as to the nature of a psychopath killer’s drive to do violence and kill including the methods by which they kill. There are some…

Psychopathology Paper

  Over the years, scientists and mental health professionals have made great strides in the treatment of psychological disorders. For example, advances in psychopharmacology have led to the development of drugs that relieve severe symptoms of mental illness. Clinical psychology is dedicated to the study, diagnosis, and treatment of mental illnesses and other emotional or behavioral disorders. More…

Psychopathology And Traumas

Abstract             This paper is a literature review of studies and discussions of the effect of various stressors to children, such as violence, sexual abuse, and trauma. There are also some articles that explain how the human brain processes and adapts to these various factors. The goal of all these articles is to understand and…

Psychopathy And Borderline Personality Disorder

   INTRODUCTION Personality disorders constitute a major group in the classification of mental disorders. According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, fourth edition, text revision (DSM-IV-TR),1 these conditions are defined by maladaptive personality characteristics beginning early in life that have consistent and serious effects on functioning. Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is frequently…

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