Psychology Essay Topics

Psychological Basis Of Behavior

Until recently the causes of psychological disorders were not so clearly defined. Then advanced imaging techniques made it possible to see various areas of the brain and pinpoint areas that control behavior. It has been long known that the brain uses chemical messengers called neurotransmitters for signaling during its various processes. Advances in neuromedicine revealed… View Article

Early Perspectives in Psychology

Structuralism emphasized that the objective of psychology is to study the elements of consciousness and to learn how it operates and how it influences behavior (Eysenck, 1998). Structuralism focused more on the structure of consciousness and tried to identify the different experiences that each sensation and perception elicited. They believed that by breaking down the… View Article

Normal and Abnormal Psychology

Psychology is a science that studies the human mind and behavior, to understand and explain thoughts, emotions, and behavior of individuals. Psychology can be applied in different ways, such as mental health treatment, performance improvement or enhancement, self-help and other areas impacting the health and daily life of individuals. Psychology is generally a broad field… View Article

Development of Movements and Its Importance in the Life of a Child

The world of Man cannot be imagined without movement. Life is indicated by movement. In animal/bird/fish life we can realise that immobility is impossible. Even those classified as immovable (plant life) manifest their life by movement. The human kingdom isolates itself from other non-human living beings by their capacity to work which is possible only… View Article

Social Psychology

War represents a complex phenomenon with can be conceptualized through multiple perspectives, including an historical, a sociological and a psychological point of view. This type of organized aggression is inherent to human nature, and can be observed since the dawn of humankind, characterizing both civilized and primitive societies. Wars and armed conflicts in general, radically… View Article

People’s Opinions

In this life, each and every person has his or her own personal beliefs regardless of his loyalty or disloyalty, in certain cases. The difference in personal beliefs of people lies in the fact that some of them hold his or her opinion as the correct one regardless whether or not it is right or… View Article

Milgram experiment

The infamous “Milgram experiment” on obedience, done in 1963, is, perhaps, the most commonly known of all psychological experiments. It gained its infamy for its use of subjects who did not know they were being tested. Since the experiment dealt with a highly stressful situation – the necessity to inflict pain at command – upon… View Article

Ivan Pavlov

1. Behavioral approaches are used predominantly for treating children and adults with autism. Behavioral therapies include specific approaches to help individuals acquire or change behaviors. Behavioral therapies can be divided into three general approaches: operant conditioning, respondent or classical (Pavlovian) conditioning, and cognitive approaches. In treating children with autism, operant conditioning approaches are typically used…. View Article

The Light Of Freudian Psychology

The influence of psychoanalytic theory upon contemporary thought is difficult to overstate, and equally difficult to quantify. Fundamental concepts of a dynamic unconscious, repression, ego, infantile sexuality, and the Oedipus complex have passed into popular discourse. Psychoanalysis is the root of all contemporary forms of psychotherapy, and as a clinical modality has had an enormous… View Article

Cognitive psychology

Cognitive psychology had in its early days concerned itself with the study of attention and consciousness as the main focus of psychological inquiry. Attention had been defined as the means by which the human mind can process a specific amount of information from all the other information present in the immediate environment and from memory… View Article

The Origins of American Psychology

The mind-brain relationship was becoming increasingly sought with the progress of the 19th century. The general interest on the subject was evident from the fact that almost all relevant text written after 1860 did not fail to discuss this issue. Philosophers and psychologists were engaged in this mind-brain association due to the prevailing notion that… View Article

Person-Centred Approaches to Counselling Unit

The essay will evaluate the necessity and importance of the development of the core conditions in the counselling process and critically analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the person-centred approach on the counselling process. The Person-Centred Approach focuses on the clients own best authority as it is based on the client’s personal experience in his… View Article

Pushing Paper Can Be Fun

1.Organizational and Personal Outcomes – What performance problems is the captain trying to address? Behavior- Officers not doing paperwork, or when done, is incomplete. Result – Cases being lost, due to poor reporting. The officers lack motivation and perceive filling out reports as boring. 2.Goal Statement – What would be a desirable outcome? A desirable… View Article

Transpersonal Psychology

The field of Transpersonal Psychology is the fourth field of psychology in addition to psychoanalysis, behaviorism, and humanistic psychology which covers the concepts regarding “Near Death Experience reality’, ‘dream reality’ and ‘waking reality’. According to Lajoie and Shapiro from the Journal of Transpersonal Psychology, “Transpersonal psychology is concerned with the study of humanity’s highest potential,… View Article