Psychology Essay Topics

Forensic Psychology

1.How often is the insanity defense used and how successful is it? I would like to answer this question, with the presentation of my opinion and the performed research. It is within my opinion, that the insanity defense is used over excessively and is taking part in almost every defense to any crime. Offenders seem… View Article

Philosophy – Is Memory Reliable

How would I prove that my memory or reasoning processes are reliable? There really is no good way to answer this question. My first thought was, well that should be easy, because I can prove my memory is reliable by the fact that I remember where class is every day that I show up. If… View Article

Support Speech, Language and Communication Needs of Young People

Early identification of speech, language and communication delay is extremely important as the chance of improving these skills are increased. Outside agencies can be informed and your child will receive the specialist support they require. If these delays are not identified the delay will continue and the child may suffer from lack of confidence and… View Article

Benefits of Procedural Justice

Folger and Konovsky (1989) explain that procedural justice refers to the perceived fairness of the means used to determine the amounts of compensation employees receive. Coetzee (2004) further describes it as the extent to which fair procedures and processes are in place and adhered to in an organization, and to which individuals see their leaders… View Article

Welcome Speech of Annual Day Function

On behalf of Umah’s Day Care, I heartily welcome all of you for this Annual Day Celebration! I could see a unique and talented mix of students and the parents who made this happen, have come to us from every corner of the city. In the coming days and weeks, you will start building lifelong… View Article

Antisocial Behaviour

In Britain antisocial behaviour between young people is a widely argued subject in the British media. More and more Brits at the age 13-18 are dropping out of school or work-based training and refuse to return. These young people are more than likely to face criminal action possibly leading to a fine or community sentence…. View Article

Where Are You Going Where Have You Been?

“Where Are You Going Where Have You Been?” presents many themes and symbols to the reader. One that jumped out at me while reading the story was the overall feeling of innocence. Joyce Carol Oates shows us innocence from the very beginning of the story to the end where Connie loses self-control and power. From… View Article

The Maintenance of Stereotypes

Although the nature of stereotypes are not essentially negative it has been found that stereotypes of out-group members are more likely to be negative than those of in-group members (Castelli et al. 2005; Perdue, Dovidio, Gurtman & Tyler, 1990). Despite this fact, engaging in stereotyping still occurs. In order to adequately understand why we continue… View Article

Group Observation

I chose to observe a sex offenders group at office of an association of licensed professional counselors in Hinesville, Georgia. The group consisted of 9 sex offenders and the counselor, who was a woman, and myself. The group meet in the evening and everyone was present and on time. We sat in a circle, and… View Article

Reaction Paper on Prejudice and Discrimination

The world that we live in today, although improving, is tainted with cruelty and hatred toward different races. Usually, we have stereotypes about people who are members of groups with which we have not had firsthand contact. We regularly make these stereotypical generalizations based on experiences we have had ourselves, seen in movies or television,… View Article

Behaviour Self Management

Behaviour Self-Management Project to Increase Studying Behaviour Behaviour Modification is a technique or approach used by behavioural psychologists to modify a particular behaviour and is largely used in a clinical or educational setting, particularly with those with learning disabilities (Atherton, 2011). Moreover, it also considered to be a treatment approach, as it substitutes undesirable behaviours… View Article

Educational Psychology

Multicultural education is an aspect of education that involves teaching students to function effectively in a pluralistic society where there are various people from diverse racial, ethnic, social, and cultural groups. The differences in ethnicity, family structure, and races amongst students within the school have created a situation where there’s an increased rate of failure… View Article

Educational Psychology study

The study was done by Penny Clunies-Ross, Emma Little and Mandy Kienhuis, (2008). It is titled ‘Self-reported and actual use of proactive and reactive classroom management strategies and their relationship with teacher stress and student behavior’. The study was done with primary school teachers in Australia and examined the teachers’ self-report on the behavior management… View Article

Why Psychology Is Important

Psychology is the study of the human mind and any of its functions. It also includes the behavior resulting from any changes in our environment. Psychology is very important to mankind in that it is important in understanding the world we live in. Psychology helps us and allows us to better understand the emotional and… View Article