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Psychologist Essay Examples

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Ethical Principles of Psychologists & Code of Conduct

What is it about each of these studies that makes them unethical? The Milgram experiment In the Milgram experiment the people who played the role known as the teachers, were intentionally tricked. Based on the Code of Conduct 2 where pretext may be ethically admissible. It was the way that Milgram did so that was…

Educational Psychologists

Lawrence Kohlberg’s view on Moral Development and Education has widened the view in the study of educational psychology. His theory provided new inputs in understanding the manner that individuals acquire information and learn. By defining these process through three important stages namely pre conventional level, conventional level, and post conventional level (UC Berkeley, 2008). It…

John B Watson

John B. Watson is an American Psychologist and an important contributor of behaviorism. He established the Psychological School of Behaviorism. Watson was born January 9, 1878 in South Carolina to Pickens Butler and Emma Watson. His father was an alcoholic. He left the family when Watson was 13 years old, a transgression that Watson would…



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Psychologists describe motivation

Obedience typically denotes something which describes dogs and kids fond of pleasing those they are in particular fond of. It is akin to being docile or domesticated and synonymous to tamed and controlled. It is a necessity where servants and workers are concerned and an anti-thesis to anyone who studies and breathes of terrorism and…

Psychologists’ Participation in Military Interrogatory Operations

The issue of ethical responsibility is always in question especially in the medical and allied medical fields. The article “Psychologists Clash on Aiding Interrogations” (Carey, 2008) tackles this issue in the context of the services rendered by psychologists to military operations involving the interrogation of detainees. The article points out certain details regarding this issue;…

Why Psychologist use the scientific method

The scientific method makes use of a wide range of approaches and is a perspective that is seen better as an overall rather than use of single specific method. The already adopted scientific method initially was founded on the positivism concept. This included the search for descriptive general laws, which natural phenomena could be predicted…

Psychology for Law Enforcement

1. Describe the standard policy regarding confidentiality for a police psychologist. Be sure to address handling records, being a counselor versus evaluator, and your role during critical incident debriefing. Different legal foundations have set standards regarding the standard of confidentiality for every police psychologist. Psychological services for the police have considerably grown providing a number…

Famous Psychologist

Throughout psychology’s relatively brief history, there have been many famous psychologists who have left their mark both on psychology and on the world at large. While some of these individuals do not necessarily fit today’s definition of a ‘psychologist’, a term which indicates a doctoral-level degree in psychology, their influence on psychology is without question….

Who Do I Want to Become a Psychologist

So, I want a PhD in neurocognitive or cognitive psychology because: 1) I was made to be a psychologist. I may not be as articulate as I want to be here… but here it goes– As a preteen, for all my science fair projects leaned in the direction of psychology (one year I remember trying…

Margaret Floy Washburn

Margaret Floy Washburn is one of the most remembered psychologists. She served psychology with a desire and purpose that saw her become the first woman to receive a Ph. D in the subject and also the president of the American Psychological Association. By any measure, she served and achieved far more than most other people…

Carl Gustav Jung

Carl Gustav Jung, (26 July 1875 – 6 June 1961), was a Swiss psychologist and psychiatrist, and the founder of analytical psychology. His work and influence extends way beyond understanding personality, and he is considered to be one of the greatest thinkers to have theorised about life and how people relate to it. However, for…

The Superior Personality of Addams According to Psychologists

The superiority in Addams’ personality marks her leadership and fame. Famous psychologists such as Sigmund Freud, Carl Rogers, Gordon Allport, John Watson, and Otho Rank have explored theories to explain reasons for these superior characteristics. According to Freud, a person is motivated to do something based on two aspects of the superego. The first is…

Psychologists & prejudice

According to Dollards et al (1939) frustration-aggression hypothesis aggression that cannot be expressed directly at the source of frustration can be displaced unto a ‘representation’ of the source (scapegoat), leading to bias and prejudice. Unlike the previous cases which have their origins in social learning or social identity this form of prejudice is borne out…

Discussing psychologist perspectives and their use

Cognitive- This approach is portrayed by two theorists; Jean Piaget and George Kelly. This perspective refers to age-related changes in knowledge and acts of knowing plus understanding. Research shows that this approach is the best treatment practised for almost every single disorder, another positive point to this perspective is that it’s really quick with lasting…

Evaluate what psychologists have discovered about substance use and abuse

In discovering about substance use and abuse one issue encountered are the inevitable ethical issues that occur. In Mestel and Concar’s study for example, sensitive data was collected. Sharing this sensitive data wit hthe researchers may have caused participants unnecessary anxiety or embarrassment if for example the urine test showed that they had used cocaine….

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