Prostitution Essay Examples

Risks on Students Prostitution in Zamboanga City

INTRODUCTION Many students nowadays Hard-up students are turning to the sex industry to pay for their course fees, according to reports ( 2000). Young prostitute are earning by taking up pole dancing, escort work and prostitution to help fund their studies. The trend has been blamed on the rising cost of higher education, which will… View Article

The Regulation of Prostitution

Prostitution is defined, as a person who engages in sexual acts for money. Although the extreme long-term effects of decriminalized prostitution are not certain, the short-term effects have been economically beneficial. This is a controversial issue because many people feel that prostitution is immoral. Religions, such as Christianity, look down on this issue claiming it… View Article

Tricking and Tripping: Fieldwork on Prostitution in Era of AIDS

Claire E. Sterk’s article “Tricking and Tripping: Fieldwork on Prostitution in Era of AIDS” published by Social change Press in 2000 takes into account the patterns and procedures that a fieldwork tales into account during field research work. She provides some useful insights and learnt lessons during her fieldwork with prostitutes to provide a close… View Article

Prostitution in US

History records prostitution as one of the world’s oldest profession. However this profession is considered a crime in many countries today. The number of countries legalizing prostitution is growing. No wonder with upcoming new life style issues like homosexuality and gay marriages, the global liberal view is indeed spreading fast and quick. Among the countries… View Article

Prostitution- Social deviancy

Introduction The majority of academic findings on prostitution have established the actual relationship between physical health, prostitution and risky behaviors. This concentration on disease and drug use does not only blur the whole picture of prostitution, but also distorts the realities of prostitution for many of these sex workers. Due to the objectivity and specificity… View Article

The Legalization of Prostitution

Prostitution may undoubtedly be one of the oldest professions in history. From the time of the Romans, to the Aztecs hitherto, ancient civilizations from both the east and the west had the act of prostitution as part of their society. Some of these civilizations have even taken concrete measures to either abolish or accept prostitution… View Article

Prostitution In Nigeria

Prostitution has been in existence right from inception. It is a business or practice of providing sexual services to other people in exchange for payment. Those that engage in this type of practice are called sex workers. It is now becoming a serious issue in Nigeria because the streets of the Federal Capital Territory (Abuja)… View Article

Tricking and Tripping

The article Tricking and Tripping by Sterk was an interesting article about prostitution. I found it interesting because she was actually integrating herself into prostitution without actually prostituting and how some of the prostitutes accepted and befriended her, and one pimp was actually nice and had her back. When Sterk said, “I’m sorry for you,”… View Article

Crime and Prostitution

Prostitution is known as the oldest profession in the world, however, many states in the U.S. outlaw it. The textbook definition of prostitution is the “act or practice of engaging in sexual acts for money” (“Prostitution,” Macmillan 805). Nevada is the first in the United States to legalize prostitution. Although the long term effects of… View Article

Should Prostitution Be Legalized?

Legalizing prostitution, defined as the act of engaging in sexual activity in exchange for money, has been widely debated since its time of recognition in our society. Some characterize prostitution through violence and oppression against women and girls, while others express their opinions about its fulfillment and empowerment. Prostitution laws vary among countries, and in… View Article

The issue of prostitution

The issue of prostitution is usually treated and represented in two different ways – the adherents of traditional values unambiguously label this phenomenon as appalling vice that is in full discord with normal, let alone pious, life. They point out at the results the oldest profession produces on an individual who gives or gets that… View Article

Poem “Frankie and Johnnie”

The speaker of the poem “Frankie and Johnnie” is telling the story of two people that were in a relationship, where Johnnie was cheating on Frankie, and then Frankie kills Johnnie. The poem starts out telling the readert he backstory of Frankie and Johnnie. The speaker says that “Frankie and Johnnie were lovers…They swore to… View Article

Sociology of Prostitution

Prostitution is one topic in which the causes have been debated by many. There are three theories that I will discuss throughout this paper. The theories include a functionalist, feminist, and social psychological view of the subject. The argument that appears more correct is a matter of opinion. The functionalists believe there are two main… View Article

Decriminalizing Prostitution

The oldest profession in the world, also known as, prostitution is one of the most controversial debates that many people have. Should it be legal, should it be illegal, are the women just selling their bodies because they have low self-esteem? Well, let’s discuss the pros and cons to decriminalizing prostitution. Where brothels are present… View Article