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Promote Communication Essay

1. Understand why effective communication is important in the work setting

1.1 Identify the different reasons people communicate

The communication is part of the human life, most of the people are communicate with others all the time in a conscious way or without intention to build a kind of relationship, basically in two forms verbal where we use words to present ideas or non-verbal expressing ideas and opinions without talking using our body language, facial expressions, gestures, tone of voice, touch or contact, signs, symbols, pictures, etc.

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The people communicate one each other for many different reasons depending the personal relation between the people such as family/friend, workplace, commercial place, etc Those reasons can be:

To express our needs and wishes
To create/build a relationship with others
To share information
To explain different aspect of the life
To help or receive help
To show and express our feelings

In particular, in our work environment exist some specific different groups of people that we need to communicate for different reasons

The children and young people

The communication with them is constant and fluid, we know their needs, problems, like and dislike, conflict with other peers, we share and explain the daily activities, we discuss the place setting rules, etc. The communication is general informal, and the verbal and non-verbal language should be according with the ages of the children.

The practitioners

With the colleagues we interact day by day, most of the time in an informal way share ideas and thoughts, relevant information about the children, the setting planning, activities, different situation that can affect the normal day in the work place as well as depended of the kind of relationship with the colleagues, it is possible share personal information and aspect of our life which do not have direct influence in the job.

The manager / director

The communication is similar than the colleagues, but it is express in a more formal way according of the kind of information that we need to communicate, sometime may include written communication by filling accident / incident form, meeting notes, discuss policies revision, etc .

Parents/ carers

The communication in this case can be informal and formal depending of the relationship between the people and the level of important of the information. We need to listen their concern about the children, setting activities, etc and for ours side giving to them feedback about the children progress, newsletter, any type of important information, etc.

1.2 Explain how communication affects relationships in the work setting

The communication is once of the more important interpersonal skills in ours work-setting, and it can affect in a positive or negative way on the day to day interaction with the different groups described above .

Exist some possible barrier which can interfere in the communication, which can affect directly the relation between you and the people in the work place in a negative form like:

Different language or different non-verbal communication interpretation. Speak with a lot of technical or slang language can create misunderstand or wrong message ŸCultural and background differences can make that the same thing means different thing between the people, it can difficult the communication. ŸPersonal and emotional situation like distress, upset, etc may make that someone not listen properly therefore misinterpret or do not understand what is being said ŸPeople with any kind of special needs to speak, listen, move, hard to concentrate, etc.

However, There are many communication skills that we may consider to make that relationship in the setting affect in a positive way such as

In verbal communication:

Speak calm and clear
Using listening skills to check understanding
Understanding the communication cycle
Knowing how to ask questions effectively
Adapt the way of the communication so that the child or adult is able to understand.
Understand and respect confidentiality

In non-verbal communication:

Understand body language messages
Use a welcome body language and a positive attitude to communicate
Have good empathic skills
Show a calm posture

If we can have a positive communication with all the people who is part of the work place community, we can build a good teamwork, share information effetely, establishing new relationships, helping children and young people with their problems and conflicts, etc.

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