Project management Essay Examples

Myki Project Boundary

Changes to the boundaries occurred during the development of MYKI project: * More than 350 changes were made to the specifications by the TTA, increasing the complexity, time and cost of the project. * Example of alteration made during development phase is the removal of city saver fare option that has been applied in Metcard… View Article


1. How would you describe Boeing’s approach to project management? What are its strengths and weaknesses? Boeing adopts a very thorough, well planned out process to manage the project. The stages are defined clearly and tasks involved in each stage are carried out sequentially. The first stage of their approach is the project definition phase… View Article

The Role of Project Manager

Nowadays, with the development of project management, project success has been defined clearly. A definition of project success from Lock is that if the project finish on time, within budget and in good quality, the project is considered as a successful project (Lock, 2007). However, our understanding about the role of project manager is unclear…. View Article

Advantage Energy Technology Data Center Migration

Brian Smith, network administrator at Advanced Energy Technology (AET),has been given the responsibility of implementing the migration of a large data center to a new office location. Careful planning is needed because AET operates in the highly competitive petroleum industry. AET is one of five national software companies that provide an accounting and business management… View Article

Project Management

Moving forward to begin the process of managing the trade show project for LRH Products, it is important that all aspects of the process are performed correctly and efficiently. After studying the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) and the nine knowledge areas, I have ascertained that the following three areas are of utmost importance… View Article

Project Manager Job Description

Since the Project Manager position is a newly created job within LRH Products, it is necessary to assess and describe the various functions assigned to this role, as well as understanding how the concept of project management works within the company (Mullaly, 2008). The specific duties and functions for the project manager at LRH have… View Article

Organizational Behavior

The role of organizational behavior in project management empowers the project leader to effectively diagnose situations related to the project for appropriate action and performance. The organizational behavior is a critical aspect to assist the project manager in accessing the particular skills of the team members within a functional organizational matrix (George and Jones, 2005)…. View Article

Project Management

I am sending out bid documents to look for a contractor to analyze my organization’s IT help desk needs, standardize policies, procedures, hardware and software, and provide the necessary training and documentation. But before that takes place the “Scope” of what will be procured needs to be defined. The fore knowledge that my wants it’s… View Article

The Triple Constraint of Project Management

The triple constraint of project management is represented by a triangle, where three sides or inputs, scope, cost and time, regulate the ability to deliver a project. The triangle represents the individual constraints that exist with each function and their relationships. “The triangle illustrates the relationship between three primary forces in a project” (Jenkins, “n…. View Article

Pontrelli Planning Activities

Pontrelli has a well-established mission statement for the company as a whole; they will need a more focused one, or a strategy statement for the current project concerning recycling. To piggyback from the current mission statement and adding a line concerning, “To focus on recycling within the company, conduct business with those who take recycling… View Article

Development of an Enterprise Resource Planning System

Riordan Manufacturing Inc. is a global plastics manufacturer that was founded in 1991 and employs 550 people. They have since expanded to three locations in the U. S. and one in China. Due to these expansions the company is now experiencing communication and processing issues. Each system needs to be connected to the others in… View Article

Riordan Manufacturing

Riordan Manufacturing is a global plastics manufacturer employing 550 people with projected annual earnings of $46 million (University of Phoenix, 2011). The company is wholly owned by Riordan Industries, a Fortune 1000 enterprise with revenues in excess of $1 billion (University of Phoenix, 2011). Hugh McCauley, the COO of Riordan Manufacturing, has requested the integration… View Article

Project Management

1. Discuss why many information technology professionals may overlook project cost management and how this might affect completing projects within budget. Information technology professionals do not understand basic accounting and finance principles to be able to do a net present value analysis return on investment and payback analysis. It should also be considered that new… View Article

Basic Project

All projects have a beginning and an end, which is usually a preset due date determined by the project team and management. The process from the beginning to end is the life cycle of the project. There are many different types of life cycles; however, the most common type is the stretched-S project life cycle…. View Article

Project Poultry

In the poultry industry projects are normally planned for several months sometimes even a year or more. The main reason is most plants can’t just shut down and install a new processing line. Therefore, planning all aspects are usually started in January of each year and actually implemented over the Thanksgiving or Christmas week allowing… View Article