Project Essay Examples

Spreadsheet project

The user of my spreadsheet is a games company owner who needs to collect and distribute data to predict capital expense of wages for the future. They need to be able to see the expenses of their company and how, if the input into the spreadsheet is altered, the output is changed also. My spreadsheet… View Article

Project Manager

The main communication method they use is the telephone. This is because it is handy and convenient to use, and it is also fast. They use telephone for various reasons such as to arrange an appointment, to confirm orders, to book activities etc. The alternative method instead of using the telephone could be e-mail and… View Article

Aims of Project

My business is going to be product based due to the fact that by unique selling point is Halal food being sold in my van, therefore when coming up with my marketing aims I would make sure that the it’s a product orientated business. Marketing Aims Four P’s Product- My product is my unique selling… View Article

Notes On Making A Tricopter

Making a Quad- or Tri-copter is a project I’ve been tempted by for a long time. Ever since I got an RC heli, which I’ve since abandoned. The Heli was too hard to fly, and there wasn’t much motivation to persevere — having learned, all you can really do is aerobatics, which I’m not very… View Article

Instructions for All My Sons Project

General Instructions Keep all notes, papers, drafts, etc. together in a folder. Attach them to the end of the project. 1. Answer all the questions provided in the instructions in the body of the project. 2. Find and print at least 4 articles in English that deal with the play All My Sons. 3. Your… View Article

Peace Project

Writing is more than speech written down. Because of its permanence and its one-way nature, writing is more elaborate and orderly than speech. We can write more carefully and more accurately than we can speak. This is why educating children with writing is very vital so that they will trained to pen down their thoughts… View Article

Bead Bar Systems Development Project

The primary objective is to organize information and operate in a planned and controlled manner to capitalize on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the organization. The proposed information system would departmentalize the operations of the various departments and make the organization accessible to its stakeholders in a pre-approved and designed manner. Not everyone… View Article

Engineering Project Management

Typical Practice Estimating time to undertake design and drafting tasks, such as the crafting of blueprints for the construction of wooden furniture (e.g. stool, desk, chest) by an expert and the creation of blueprints for buildings of commercial establishments by an architect, requires the method of estimating labor costs. After all, cost estimates require time… View Article

PMI Certification

PMI (2008) certification is quite renowned and if one posses the certification they are usually believed to depict higher degree of professionalism and project management techniques to get across their expertise for the projects to initiate and supervise the project management activities. The question which we are faced is whether a certified PMI individual without… View Article

Five Phases of the Project Lifecycle

Abstract The project lifecycle describes the tasks that must be completed to produce a product or service (NYS Project Management Guidebook, 2003). The Project Lifecycle has been divided into five phases. The first phase of the Project Lifecycle is the Define Phase in which the project concept is evaluated, selected and defined as the solution… View Article

Project Management

Let’s consider finding a new house as our personal project since we can’t sustain to live in our current residence. We will take the traditional technique of project management for this personal project. A traditional technique involves a series of steps or stages that has to be completed. For this technique, there are five different… View Article

Project Plan- Risk and Quality Requirements

IT Project Plan IT projects are complex in nature. A proper plan gives not only maps the elements of the project but also ensures that the progress of project is going in the desired direction. In other terms, a project plan reduces the risk of project failure or over runs and improves the quality of… View Article

Project Phases

It is a matter of fact that people involved in project management have revealed that every project has its specific characteristics and phases which help to increase its effectiveness. Actually, all projects go through describable and definite phases. Phase transitions are considered an ideal time for updating planning guidelines and objectives and for conducting qualified… View Article

Project Manager Roles and Responsibilities

The Project Manager is the person responsible for developing, in conjunction with the Project Sponsor, a definition of the project. The Project Manager then ensures that the project is delivered on time, to budget and to the required quality standard (within agreed specifications). He/she ensures the project has sufficient resources and manages relationships with a… View Article

Project Estimating Techniques

Introduction      Project estimating techniques are important to project managers, because they provide them with accurate predictions on which good planning and risk assessment are more soundly based. An estimate is used as an assessment tool to determine the quantitative outcome of a project. Project estimation is important because it justifier’s the project, usually at… View Article