Prohibition Documentary

– places where alcohol sill reigned
– secret nightclubs with daring fashion and dancing
– places of luxury

Ziegfeld Follies
– dance/performing girls

Texas Guyon
– woman who owned a speakeasy herself
– appeared tough, but was quite charitable
– technically a criminal

George Remus
– king of the bootleggers
– style, money, influence
– in 3 years, accumulated $40 million
– Death Valley Farm: secret depot in Ohio, employed lots of men
– inspiration for Great Gatsby
– paid off police
– died broke

Warren G. Harding
– passive and weak
– easily blackmailed by cabinet since he had a mistress and illegitimate child

Harry Daugherty
– attorney general
– bribed to keep Remus protected
– committed suicide

Izzy Einstein and Moe Smith
– posed as many characters in order to make arrests
– viewed as heroes
– busted the 21 Club (rich, powerful people inside; no whiskey could be found)
– fired after busting 21 club

“Two Gun” Hart
– driven to bust all moonshiners
– offered Natives protection (as bootleggers often targeted natives)
– son of Italian immigrants
– accused of drinking and molestation
– brother of Al Capone
– Nebraskan hero

Bill McCoy
– rum runner
– brought South American rum and smuggled into the US
– one trip could earn $300000
– adventurer, loved to sail
– sets up at St. Pierre (in Canada) and brought the island wealth
– boat seized in 1923